Cannot install Mandrake


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17 Jun 2003
ok, I've just got hold of a copy of Mandrake Linux, but I can't get it to install at all. I have no idea why it's telling me that there's an error in installing the packages. It won't even install the very first file as shown in the attached screenie. :(


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Good point :p
Sorry, didnt notice that!
Could the image be corrupt? Did you check the md5sum?
Imma noob with Linux. First time I'm installing Linux OS in 7yrs.
I've downloaded the files from the Linuxiso website so not sure what to do now.
Ok, to check the md5sum just follow the procedure detailed here:
On the linuxiso site it says the md5sum (just a random jumble of letters and numbers) next to the download link, so if they match the iso is fine. If theres an error somewhere then the numbers wont match, and you'll have to re-download.
Download again??? No way!!! Take's ages to download 700mb :(
Wasted a CD that I burnt on too.
Ok, the checksum for cd1 is different. However, I'm having difficulty trying to download the file from the website. Do they have a ftp site I can download from?
I found the linuxiso ftp's slow, but the Mandrake official one was fast for me :confused:
Ah... I've switched Flashget to do 10 simultaneous downloads. Getting 57KB/s now.
Checkout the University of Indiana linux download mirror. It's where I got my copy. I don't know if it is still up or not. They were fast and smooth download.

Or, there is a site that offers burned linux cds for a few dollars ($2-4). It was on another post in here recently.
I've just got home from work and the damn thing stopped downloading at 71%. :( Been downloading from the Mandrake ftp and now it seems that I can't get any connection to download that file.
I'm fed up now. Downloaded CD1 twice, and both times it comes out with a different checksum to that stated in the linuxiso site.
could always grab a torrent .. 1) your sure to get it all 2) bit torrent does checksum ;)

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