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cannot d/l anything from anywhere (almost)



Having a fairly large problem that I cannot seem to solve...

I am on a cable connection through Chater Pipeline. I am not using a router, and usually have a firewall running, but for this problem it doesn't matter if it is or is not running (Sygate personal firewall if your wondering).

I cannot d/l any file from any server at anytime. It will either A. not start at all, B. start, get to 21% and stop or C. d/l at an extremely slow rate (200BYTES/sec) and stop. I can however use kazaa to d/l anything. I can surf the web just fine, play games, etc.

I also have problems with flash or shockwave applets loading on web pages. Not all the time, but more often than not. I have all settings within IE set correctly I believe, but maybe there is something I am missing.

I hope someone can help, thanks in advace



Oh, in case you were wondering, I have tried d/l files from: download.com, the new 40.72 detonator drivers from Nvidia.com, UT2k3 patch from : bluesnews.com, fileplanet.com, filefront.com. and winamp from winamp.com. Nothing worked and I am sure all those servers were not full or down at the time...

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
As a stop gap measure have you tried a download manager? Net Vampire is easy to figure out. It is advertising supported though but not annoying. If it works you could use it till you figure you problem out.


lol, he probably cant download that either. btw if the xp built in firewall on? tcp ip setting set on auto config and all?


Hipster Doofus: I have been able to try getright and one other (can't recall what it was called) d/l manager. Was a while back though. If I remeber correctly, they did manage to work more often, but still would have the same problems quite often. But, like mafia says, I cannot try anything else right now since I cannot d/l anything ;(...

Mafia: XP firewall is off. and yes, the tcp ip settings are all auto.

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
Do you have any proxy settings setup?

Tools -> Internet Options... -> Connections [tab] -> LAN Settings... -> Use a Proxy Server (Advanced...)


yes, automatically detect settings is checked and address is set at "proxy" on port 8080. This is something the ISP told me to do, but hasn't changed anything either. Should it be using the same proxy for everything? That is what is set right now...

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
At my cable company they also have a proxy option - what it does is access the server that the cable company owns and retrieves the webpage from their server at a faster speed then getting it directly from the internet. You can still, however, not use the proxy. Just as test, unchec the proxy option and see what effect it has.
It may also be possible that the proxy is needed to authenticate your machine or something along those lines and not have anything to do with the above mentioned reason.

If you would, could you also try one of these:
Either download Download Accelerator Plush or Fresh Download and find a big file on the internet and try and download it.

Download Accelerator Plus

Fresh Download

Both should download files at pretty pretty close the max speed of your connection (if you configure them right). Download Accelerator Plus has an added benefit of searching for mirror download sites and finding the fastest one(s) which can give you a little bit more speed.

If these two download programs do not give a significant boost, then the issue is probably something that affects your entire system. If these programs give a very large boost in speed compared to IE dowloads, then the problem is probably specific to the browser.


It's funny that people ask me to d/l things when I say I cannot d/l anything ;) That said, i WAS actually able to download freshdownload and was able to connect to the servers that previously I could not download from... What does this mean? Bad IE installation or what? Weird that getright wouldn't work too... Thanks for the help everyone, hope it works consistantly now...

At least I can play ut2k3 again ;)

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
Did you try turning off the proxy?

Also, since you can now download stuff, you could also get another browser like Mozilla. http://www.mozilla.org

What version of IE do you have? If IE6 do you have service pack 1 as well? (basically do you have the latest version)


yeap, i have ie 6 with service pack. I've wanted to d/l Opera now for a while, but obviously, couldn't. Think I will do that now as a matter of fact.

I just added the proxy info yesterday, was not using it before. Proxy is suppose to make it [the conenction] seem faster yes? It didn't matter however is I was or was not using it. I have a lot to learn still. Thanks for the help guys...

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
Not seem, faster, but IS faster. -- What it does is access a server maintaned by the ISP/Cable company instead of going straight to the internet. I don't really know how it all works, but it should give you a benefit if that is really what your Cable company's proxy is for. P.S. I've also never used it, so can't say for sure of what kind and how much of a benefit it is (but should be able to use it pretty soon).

The only reason I suggested turning it off for a second was to see if that was causing the problem. I'd turn the proxy settings back on if you find out that didn't solve the problem.

As for Opera, it does not have good support for dynamic html - aka javscript and anything dynamic (aka that moves or reacts to you without you going to another page).

Once Opera 7 comes out, that might be worth a try, however.
If you don't want the big download times of Mozilla, you can get the lighter version called Phoenix also available at http://www.mozilla.com
Despite all these other browsers I still find IE better at the present.

One other reason that may have cause the problem is some program you installed that tried messing with your internt settings. Have you considered doing a system restore at a point before the problem started? (If you look through the system restore info, it might even tell you some things you did to your computer when the problems began.)

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