Cannot Access The Internet Thru A Hub!!!


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15 Jan 2004
:confused: HI. I have a router and 2 pc is connected to it. one win2000 and one xp pro. they can see each other through the workgroup but my problem is I can't access the internet by using the win2000 pc. how do I set this up. when i ping the static ip address i get a reply. packets are sent and received too. my observation is the xp pro pc when i checked the ipconfig, there is a suffix for the DNS, IP address data, subnet mask and the default gateway BUT for the win2000 pc, i only get the IP address data and subnet mask, no DNS suffix and default gateway.
Please help. Thank you.
Try letting the router provide the ip addresses to both machines. In other words, set the ip configuration (win2k and xp) to auto. The router should provide a unique ip address for each machine. Also make sure the default gateway is the same ip as your router e.g.,( if set manually.

If that doesn't work, you may need to use Internet Connection Sharing(ICS).
Search HELP for this and set it up according to your needs.

If you need further help, please specify the type of internet connection and brand of router you are using. (cable,dsl,dial-up) (Linksys,Netgear,DLink)?
i will do that tonight when i get home. what i did before set them up on "auto" for IP address and did manually inputted the DNS ang default gateway for the win2000 because it doesn't show when i ipconfig it. i have different IPs for both pc and subnet mask, for xp it has and for the win2000 is after inputting the IP manually that i got after ipconfig it when it was on auto. my router is a Hawking pn500tpa and i have a cable modem. i haven't tried ICS which i will try later. post later. thank you.

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