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Cannot access 2nd Hard Drive


OSNN One Post Wonder
Can any body help

My Pc has 2 HDD the 2nd drive had all my songs on access by I tunes and the PC was originally Loaded XP Home. I then loaded Vista Ultimate and was able to use the pc as normal but after a period of time i realised that there was no Benefit with having Vista as the PC had lost a lot of speed and proceeded to reload XP Home from the recovery DVD. Now i cannot access the 2nd drive the Directories are there and the properties shows that all the files are there but i cannot see the files. Both drives are NTFS when i click on the Dirctory i get the message you cannot access this drive.

Does anybody have any ideas how i can not access the directory

Many Thanks in advance


OSNN One Post Wonder
You can try FAT Data Recovery Software. The brand of the HD does not matter here, the program can effectively recover your files.
For data recovery software, i would suggest you to try the evaluation versions first which will give you first hand experience to try and test the results.
Whatever the software, though, a potent point to remember is that when you download the program it is best saved on a disk other than the one you hope to recover data from or you could be permanently erasing otherwise recoverable data.
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