Can wireless equipment affect sound volume?


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Recently and right right now, I have a problem with sound changing volume automatically. This happens with audio CDs, mp3s, anything.

I have checked all my sound options in Windows and in the Creative software. Auto volume leveling is turned off in WMP9.

The only thing I can think of that could affect the sound is my wireless keyboard and mouse.

Is this known?

My sound drivers are fully updated as usual, so is Windows XP.
is it underwindows that it is showing the sound changing or is it just changing from speakers, if it is from speakers it is possable that it is the amp that is dieing, it will randomaly change volume to high and low but if it is windows then on the keyboard does it hvae volume controle?

also does the sound change in one direction like go down or does it go quiet and then loud or waht does it actually do?


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I have a 5.1 system and the volume just increases and decreases, this is universal on all speakers.

The keyboard does have volume control which I have set to maximum.

I have had the 5.1 system for about two years, that is connected to an Audigy card.


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The amp may be dying. Could just be a bad connection somewhere.

Also, try the KX Project drivers to isolate it from being a driver issue.

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