Can Video Games be Blamed for Violence?

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2 Dec 2001
Nah, thats rubbish.
Its like I have said before, kids who play pacman, don't start munching pills in dark rooms, chasing ghosts and listening to repetitive music do they?

its crazy some of the stuff they come up with .. so called do gooders......
Of course video games promote violence among our youth, Let's get real..First of all most parents no longer know how to raise children properly,There is no moral values taught to the children of this day and age..Pick up a newspaper and read how many murders have occured due to children acting out video games..:(
Pick up a newspaper and read how many murders have occured due to children acting out video games

Don't believe in everything the newspaper tell you! They primary want to make a discussion about it, and provocating by claiming such things.

Personally I think that video-games can make influence on some ppl, but not to be blamed for all the violence in the society. Perhaps some crazy ppl get ideas from them, but then again...loons are loons:D
Yeah it's dangerous my little cousin of 7 looked at DragonBall Z and and wanted to see if he could do it too and he hit me in the balls.

It's gotta stop i tell you.
[/quote]Pick up a newspaper and read how many murders have occured due to children acting out video games..[/quote]

Ummm... and then look at that same paper and notice all the violence in it.

Violence is NOT just in games, it's on TV, its in the Media... go watch that new Metal Music Video that's playing on MTV and you'll see my point.

Violent anything promotes Violence, but only if the parents (and society as a whole) sit back and do nothing and ALLOW this violence to continue.

I'm not saying "Ban all games", my god.. what would i do with my life.. lol. What I'm saying.. is that parents have to stop allowing their neibours to parent their kids, parents need to parent their kids. In today's society where both parents work (for one reason or another), the TV (and or Video Games), Babysitter and the kids' teachers are EXPECTED to teach (and subsequently parent) our Children.

Something is wrong in this picture, imo. People need to start taking responsibility for themselves and their children and quit scapegoating the world's problems on "Fad Bandwagons".
lol, I remember Prodigy - Firestarter was number one in the UK and the BBC programme "Top of the pops" wouldn't play it cos one of the members, Keith Flint, looks a bit scary, there was nothing odd in the video, hehe

Not sure how Breathe did, but that was far scarier ;)
First of all most parents no longer know how to raise children properly
but only if the parents (and society as a whole) sit back and do nothing and ALLOW this violence to continue.

hmmm.....i see a recurring theme here........That is the whole basis. Parents need to control what they expose their kids to. If all the kids learn from is TV and video games, then yes they are going to go out and do those thihgs, because to them, the TV and video games were their parents. But any argument that these things cause violent acts by teenagers is proposterous. By the time we are teenagers our brain has already done 95% of it's learning, and if a teen goes out and kills someone because "the music told him to" or something like that, then that teen ahd some sort of mental instability in the first place.

and to Cain: please do not generalize about music or music videos, because it is a very small percentage of metal that talks about violence or killing......besides the fact that if you had done some research before making those statements you would have found out that MTV almost never plays metal videos anymore....
i'm not trying to offend you at all, i just do not appreciate it when people make statements about a music type when they obviously do not know that much about that type of music.
oh yeah, i forgot, heh..

yeah, most of the guys in Prodigy are pretty scary lookin, but hey, it's great music, hehe

and going back again.......if we say that kids should not watch violent movies, because they will act violent, should we not also say that kids should not watch Fantasia, because they will go out and drop acid? ;)
ya know, my parents weren't bad parents by far, but they let me watch what TV I wanted and play what games I wanted..My father was a Psychologist and had formulated his opinions on how letting me watch what I want wasn't going to turn me into a killer, hell he was the one that got me playing video games and watching scary movies...and no he didn't sit there to explain to me that it was fake or how I shouldn't do that

now while playing doom, quake, and all those games I was never once like cool I'm gonna go get a gun and kill people for real!

It's my opinion that if your children get the urge to kill people from doing it in a video game your kid should be under medical care and have a psychological examination to find the cause...Once a child reaches a certain age they know the difference between right and wrong and all the video games in the world is not an excuse for them breaking that

I also watched all the jason movies and never put on a hockey mask and said yay! i'm gonna go get my machete!...Children that commit crimes for one reason or another are goaded into saying it was the game that made them do it, or tv made me do it because when people try to find the reason these kids commit these crimes alot of times the kids themselves give no answers...but no answer isn't good enough..that would mean some people just have violent tendency's and that just can't be true! so we push and we push till we get the perpetrator to blame something so we can forgive them and channel our anger elsewhere

this is just my don't go play a round of counter strike and then come to my house and snipe me!
If you're going to blame video games for the violence, then answer me this question:

What video games was hitler playing?
Lets not even compare the two...That is an idiotic comparison..
I reckon he played Championship Manager if anything, that game drives me nuts. Lets not continue down this path tho.
(Thinks of cunning plot twist)
Erm, nuts.
Wait a minute.....

let me get my railgun..........

:D :D :D


Now...who has been dissin my games ???

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