Can UltraVCN access a PCAnywhere machine?


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8 Jul 2002
Hi Guys,

Can a UltraVCN client computer gain remote desktop access using PCanywhere as a server machine? Or does the server machine have to be running UltraVCN server. Can a PCanywhere client accaess an UltraVCN server machine?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Heeter

Unfortunately it's not possible. The UltraVNC viewer can only connect to a server running one of the VNC flavors - RealVNC, TightVNC, or UltraVNC.
The other way around isn't possible either.
Great, Thanks for the heads up, Nets.

Would a PCanywhere server prog and a VNC server prog installed in same machine conflict with each other? I do know that they do use the same port forwarding on the router, but I wouldn't know if they would conflict with each other.

Thanks again,

According to this document by Symantec, pcAnywhere uses TCP ports 5631 and 5632. The VNC server can be configured to listen on any port number, although the default is TCP 5900 (and 5800 for HTTP/Java).

So basically, as long as you forward the ports for both applications in your router to the machine running the servers, they can both co-exist quite happily. If the VNC client tries to connect using the default port (5900), the VNC server will respond to the request. If the client uses pcAnywhere to connect, the listening pcAnywhere server should pick up the request instead.
It's basically like running a web server and a FTP server on the same machine. They use different ports, so they don't conflict with each other.

Thanks for the find. I was told PCanywhere used 5800/5900 as well. Now I know.


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