can u have..a msg for urself on the cpu? n try n understand

Gary Pandher

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9 Mar 2004
can u have..a msg for urself on the cpu? a reminder/post it note kinda thing?

is there a way
to have like
a pop up
or somethin
a reminder
of some sort
tha u can set
for a certain date

i have a bad memory lol
and yea
can i have somethin in windowz xp
in which i can leavea msg for myself
n then it'llcome up on a date i set it to?
other thena program or something i might need to dload...just something built in?


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29 Aug 2002
there are many

too many for me to even begin trying to give all the links! Do you run Office or Outlook? Even works has stuff built in.... I only mention those incase you already use them.

If you use nothing with a calendar in it you could do worse than getting Rainlendar - here :cool:

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