can u have..a msg for urself on the cpu? n try n understand

Gary Pandher

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9 Mar 2004
can u have..a msg for urself on the cpu? a reminder/post it note kinda thing?

is there a way
to have like
a pop up
or somethin
a reminder
of some sort
tha u can set
for a certain date

i have a bad memory lol
and yea
can i have somethin in windowz xp
in which i can leavea msg for myself
n then it'llcome up on a date i set it to?
other thena program or something i might need to dload...just something built in?
there are many

too many for me to even begin trying to give all the links! Do you run Office or Outlook? Even works has stuff built in.... I only mention those incase you already use them.

If you use nothing with a calendar in it you could do worse than getting Rainlendar - here :cool:

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