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can someone tell me ?

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
how to stick these little buttons back on a laptop?


my laptop is so old, the buttons are not made anymore.

I lost an important one, so I popped off the "lock computer" button, which I have never used, and tried to pop it onto the important button which I always use..."

anyway, I can't get it to go in.

I'm screwed.


hardware monkey
no idea. you should be able to still press that missing button with a paperclip or something that reaches down in the litle hole that's there.

or keep popping off other buttons til you find one that fits. :D

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
I think I use every other button!!!

well, I think maybe I have never used this button; " ~ "

but it's such a pretty little squigly, I think I am going to start using it now that I'v seen it.

I am really screwed


hardware monkey
if you type something, then arrow back to the middle of the text and type again... the new text will be 'inserted' into the pre-existing text by default. pressing the insert button toggles this on or off. if off, the new text will replace the old text instead of pushing it along.

i think that's all. some games use it, but you can change that.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
thanx taurus~

u~r~the man~~~

ook, I don't need the insert button, but I definately need the ~ button.

now I need to know how to get it to push onto the fujistsong keyboard.

ok~~~see you later


Political User
Obviously I'm not entirely sure what profile of stub you're left with looking out of the keyboard but for example...

1. If you have a small stub of plastic you could drill a hole down the middle with a very small bit or even melt a hole in with a pin.

2. Do the same to the key you want to put on.

3. Use an appropriate length of that pin or a paper clip etc... and push that into either hole.

4. Use also some epoxy glue / super glue and mate the pin in one of the holes and fit the key to the keyboard peg that way.

I hope that makes sense!


P.S. Don't use too much glue :eek:

P.P.S. If you find that it's one of those plastics that doesn't seem to glue you can make glue but you need spare bits of a similiar plastic...

All you do is dissolve that plastic into a solvent until you have a glue like consistency. This then works pretty good as a glue.

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