can someone suggest a nice optical mouse


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i'm using the logitech MX500 corded optical mouse, if your right handed this mouse is for you, molded perfectly for your hand. most comfortable mouse i've ever used.


Logitech make a great mouse here Its what i am using now and you can get it on sale for <$20 I got mine for $23 a few months back. I also have 2 MS opticals. but the one (Explorer 3.0 USB) was a little more. Dont know how much it goes for now. I am loving the Logitech though, I would recommend it to anyone. Good for right or lefty's too.


it kicks ass... and this is coming from someone who 99% of the time used MS mice exclusively. Its quality.


dammit... I guess I will shut up now since my opinion has been the only one and I am sure other ppl would dissagree with me. So here's me shutting up in here...

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I agree ;)
Me using the MX700, happy with it (takes some time to get used to it though, but after a while: it's wonderful !), not cheap, sad enough...


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The majority of people I know go with Microsoft and Logitech mice, but me, I like A4Tech. They may be a lesser known brand, but their mice are pretty good quality and cheap too. I use their wireless optical mouse and it set me back about $30USD.


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Logitech optical mouse = $8.99

Macally optical mouse (two button mac mouse, but works with windows) = Free from former job normally $29 me thinks


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well I already went out and got the Logitech mx310 for 19.99 at bestbuy...I couldn't wait to have it shipped cause I needed it badly...thanks for all the help


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I used to swear by my MS Intelieye Explorer. I swore they would have to pry it from my cold dead hand to get it from me. Then I tried a Logitech MX500. Now the Explorer does closet duty and they will have to pry my MX500 from my cold dead hand if they want to take it from me :D

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