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Can someone PLEASE help me



Ok a few days ago, i posted about having active x issues. and NOOONE helped. So class, we are going to try again. ;)

Every time i try to view a page that runs an active x item, i get the error that says - "Your current security settings prohibit running activex controls on this page. As a result, the page may not display correctly."

Now, as i stated in the other post all of my security settings, all of my internet settings are enabled for active x and my security settings are set to as low as possible. My firewall is NOT the issue. it has been completely diasbled in the troubleshooting process.

I need some help. Please in the name of all that is holy i cant fix this on my own.

Is there a way to uninstall and reinstall active x?


I may actually be insane.
You can't uninstall ActiveX as it's a built in Windows foundation class, you can only remove ActiveX plugins (like flash etc)

Do you have all the latest patches for IE6 alone with IE6SP1 ?


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if i remember right, his last post made clear he wasn't using internet explorer, but MYIE if i remember right... correct me if i'm wrong.

but if im right no1 replied because it's a little used browser.


I have all the patches available, and i am using Avant Browser, but eveything worked fine with the browser before. How do i set it to windoiws default? i reset all my security settingas already.


i set all the security as low as it would go, it still gives me the error, this jhappens when i use IE also, not just avant


I may actually be insane.
Could it be this.. ?
Q: "Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls.. (#6676)

If you've put sites into the Trusted Sites zone, have set ActiveX items to Enable, and you're still seeing the above warning, that likely indicates that the sites you're visiting are pulling content from multiple sources. In other words, you visit www.site.com, but that site is displaying banner ads or Flash ads or some other obnoxious bit of garbage from ads.scam-artists.com. You can put site.com in your Trusted sites zone, but any ActiveX controls being pulled from scam-artists.com will still fall in the Internet zone (or the Restricted zone, if you've put scam-artists.com in that zone). A "Mixed" zone icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the IE window is a good tip-off that this is happening.

Example: If the page your receiving the warning from is loaded with Flash ads, it's undoubtedly macromedia.com that's causing your problem. If you've already got www.xxxx.com. in your Trusted sites zone, then the problem is this: either you've got macromedia.com in your Restricted sites zone, or you've got the Internet zone configured to disallow ActiveX controls.

Remedy? Enter macromedia.com and any other third party sites that the page uses into your Trusted Sites zone, if you want to go that far.


hmm i wonder if thats it.....but its not like its porn sites that are causing me problems. why would www.zone.com and other innocous sites do this? is it because avant has an extensive list of restrictive sites? i wonder if its the new version of avant i got...... i will check into this, thanks speedy b :)

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