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Can someone help? S-video out Question.

Help! I just got a new Dell Latitude d600 through my school. It's the first notebook computer I ever had, here's my problem though - My s-video cable (which I purchased separately before I got the computer) has the standard four pins and the s-video out on the back of my dell had seven holes. I called dell to see if I was missing some kind of an adapter or something and they had no idea what I was talking about.

I would like to be able to connect my notebook computer to my TV so I can play some DVD through it - what do I need to do? Do i just have the wrong cable? Is there more than one kind of s-video cable?

Here’s a link to what I got:



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Hmm weird. I have a D600 too (sweet laptop eh?) looks like you have a wrong cable. Keep in mind that the port is ONLY for s-video and don't try to plug any mice or keyboards into it... Go bring your laptop to a radioshack and try the cable before you buy it.

Edit: i've connected my laptop to my tv a couple of times... just make sure you got the right cable.


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Just guessing but I think all you need is what they said, an adapter. Take it to an elcectrical shop. They should have what you need. You want to go from 4 pins into 7.
Thank you for the replys.

I did finally figure it out. The port on the computer has more holes for upgrade-ablility but a standard s-video cable will still work in it. The first dell rep I spoke with must have been new or something - becuase the second dell rep I just got off the phone with knew exactly what I was talking about. It turned out I needed to update and re-install the video driver as well - once that was done everything worked as it should :)

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