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Can not ping my own IP address, but can ping other IP addresses


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XP Home Edition SP2. Everything is working fine, I can access internet. But when trying to set up home network with another new computer, can not access the Network Workgroup. Looking further, find out that strangely, I can ping all other ip addresses on my network or outside, but I can not ping this computer's IP address. If I ran ipconfig command, it shows the correct ip address, as I can access Internet. I can ping local host as well.
When I try to ping this computer IP address, I got request timeout. I think this is the problem of not being able to complete my home network. Apprecaite your help on this.


Political User
Sounds like the Windows firewall is preventing you from pinging. Pinging localhost doesn't go out of the nic, which is why it works. Turn off the firewall in the "advanced" tab of the Local Area Connection properties to test.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks, but it does not work

It does not work even if I turn off the firewall. Other computer on the network can't ping this one, but this one can ping other computer. Thanks for your response.



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Are you by any chance using firewall such as Zone Alarm, whereby you have to manually allow access to other Network users in Firewall properties ?

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