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Can I trust SP2 Firewall?


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Hi Guys,

So, what is the scoop on SP2 Firewall? Can I trust it, like I trusted my Kerio Personal Firewall? Or is it a big, gaping hole like the original XP firewall?

I've been trying out Windows Firewall for a few weeks now. As Enyo said, it serves it's purpose (run a couple of online security scans if you want to verify that), and I'm happy with it so far.


I trust it in some respects, I don't recall it ever telling me a lamer is scanning me with netbus trojan though. I notice you can give access to most services I don't use and asks if it's o.k. to allow certain minor ones to access the net, such as messenger.

I would not use it as a standalone product, I don't have much confidence in it.
Lee, If you want visual alerts to every single port scan then you will want a third party solution, but just because its not alerting you does not indicate its not blocking the scan.


Overclocked Like A Mother
I went to grc.com to run some tests. Looks like the firewall does the job good. Thanks Enyo, Netryder.

But, should it be used as a stand alone? I am always testing my setup for spyware (Spybot, highjackthis) on a very regular basis, so should I be concerned about outbound hidden traffic?



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Heeter said:
so should I be concerned about outbound hidden traffic?


If you have any concern, use a third party firewall, this way you should'nt
have to think about it. even though the new firewall does its job. I still want to know whats going on at all times. sygates free firewall is what i would use.
Lee said:
I have a ''third party'' application.
Lee, I wasn't asking what you had I was responding to your comment.

Heeter, It really depends how likely you are to get malware on your system that may connect out to the internet and go unnoticed.

If you want that extra protection I would go the way of Sygate if your looking for a free firewall or Outpost 2 if your willing to spend a little money.

As tdinc indicates outbound protection is important to give you more control and monitoring.


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When I installed SP2 it disabled the XP firewall after detecting ZA firewall which I am quite happy about.
I am not sure if it automatically disables itself for every firewall program it encounters when installing SP2, but it did for ZA.
yeah the sp2 firewall works pretty good but then it started blocking limewire and it wouldn't even show a popup to tell me which was pretty bad so i switched back to sygate. but i suggest you use it when you can't find alternate software
You have to use whatever you feel comfortable with.

Personally I use NIS2004 along with the sp1 firewall to keep things running right(yeah I know all the junk about the programs conflicting by running 2 firewalls at once).

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prodj88 said:
yeah the sp2 firewall works pretty good but then it started blocking limewire and it wouldn't even show a popup to tell me which was pretty bad so i switched back to sygate.
All you would have had to do is add the program to the exceptions list of the Windows Firewall.

I used ZA pro since it first came out years ago until I got XP. Then I found the ICF (Windows Firewall now) does good enough so why pay for ZA anymore. Windows Firewall makes you stealth for inbound which is all you really need unless you go to unsafe places or open attachments you do not know from where or who they came. A firewall is not gonna let something bad in.
That comes down to the user and their internet habits IMO.
Let me ask a simple question when it comes to the topic of this thread. Do you trust Microsoft as an operating system to protect you? Now extend that to a firewall that they add as an extra portion of your installation.

If you are already running a separate firewall software program I would not switch to using the firewall that Microsoft offers. If, on the other hand, you do not run any firewall software and aren't behind a hardware firewall, either, then you should use the MS firewall.



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You could not of said (asked) it any better, rotjong.

I do operate behind a hardware firewall, and now the MS Sp2 firewall, run extensive spyware detection exercises on a regular basis (always did). I think that I am content with my setup now.



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Heeter check out the the freee sygate firewall. does out bound filtering and you can enable rules. It will also tell you if a program update changes the build... going to SP2 it checked the NTkernel, explorer process and the changes..hard to beat for free.

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