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Can I put icepack close to intake fan???



Hey, i just have a quick question. I'm planning on getting either a really good heatsink or water cooling one I have the money in a few weeks.

But for now, I can place an ICE pack from freezer close to intake fan??? or will this cause to much humitity in case??? And if so, what if i seal the icepack in a bag or something???


Temp goes upto 70C

temp can go to 70C - Games
Its usually around 60C - IE/ICQ/MSN/etc
When doing nothing its around 55C
WOW, that is way too hot, I would not even run that machine that hot, you got to get those temps down.

Is the PC out in the open? if it isn't you need to get it out in the open, room temp has a lot to do with it.




My comp is underneath my desk, so its not in the open.
I brought my comp to my basement once, (its freezing down there with AC) and temps seemed to drop dramatically.

Once I get neuf money, I want to install some water cooling and place a filter on intake fan so I can place my comp close to AC duct.
Re: Underdesk

Originally posted by Dimoe
My comp is underneath my desk, so its not in the open.

Right there is your problem, worse thing you can do to a computer is put it in enclosed area where the heat has nowhere to go, as long as u continue having the puter in a enclosed area, your going to have major problems.

Yes water cooling will take the temps down, but water cooling comes at a high cost, not worth it really when all u have to do is move the computer.

my opinion, but your computer probably won't last another couple weeks at those high temps, and even if it does it's life span will have dropped, those temps are simply to high.

Your choice really....



Ahh good... i'm glad a lot of people realised about condensation

my god... cold air meeting hot air will always see condensation... water + electrics = BAD!!!

Heh... your comp will be cold... mainly because it'll be inoperable.


What medium are you using between the hsf and the cpu die?

If it is thermal paste, possibly too much?

You can take the side of your case off for better airflow, should drop it slightly.


or just go get a 12000 rpm 5 inch fan for the side of your case that should drop it down oh i say about 15 c thats what i did lol
Originally posted by Lithium
well this fan did....
No it didn't. The sensors may have told you that it did, but it didn't. It's impossible (unless you have a peltier plate). As we all know the temperature sensors in today's computer aren't very accurate.


ok you cant tell me that if i put a big ass fan in front of my cpu thats its not goin to cool it down????? please give me a break.....more air flow means cooler temps

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