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Can I join?



If any -=Xp0=- ppl see this...i was told to come here to join....im 30th on ur server ranks....and ima friend of -=Xp0=- Outlander



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Hi -=MissioN=-, welcome to xp-erience. One of the guys in the clan will reply to your request. They might be playing atm, so give'm a lil time :)
Mission u was already using the tag, I don't see a problem with it, however, people need permission to use the tag before they use it.

Go ahead and use it, but do not be giving other people permission to use it.



yeah outlander told me i could put the tag on.....lol but dont get mad at him:)

and who are you, -=Xp0=- Iceman?



Uhhh..i didnt tell u **** mission....i dont even no u..all i no is ur spirits friend...and i no spirit


lol damn i could have swore he did join or somethin although he was one i never saw b4 but hell there are a few of those floatin around lol


lol i remember seein that name lol
come in the irc chan more dude seen you in there other day


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whoever uses the name of the clan -=Xp0=- they need to live up to it..

repeated abuse of others and n00b things like crying foul everytime you die gives the clan a bad name... of course if you are good you can bltch about things and get away with it :) isn't that right iceman lol...

our clan admins are EP, iceman and xsivforce... maybe someone MIA not here right now... but anyways thats the current standing... if you are given permission to use the tag make sure you learn how to play like the rest of the guys are doing... there is no excuse to using the clan tag and then laming around on servers... we frequent the same servers and some of us have a good relationship with people on other clan servers... our reputation takes a hit when a lamer decides to mess around and defy server rules...

if you represent us... represent us well else do not use the tag...

shortly there should be clan rules in place... heed them well...

also for people new to counter-strike we do have some techniques to get better... go here... yah its a messy url but I am at work and will clean it up when I get back home :)


DO NOT HACK if you are using our clans tag... we do not want a reputation like clan myGOT has...

cheers lol... have fun fragging..
Ditto what Sazar says, use the tag but use it wisely, don't be flaming using it, don't be hacking using it, don't be crying using it.

If caught doing any of the above, you lose the tag or else.

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