Can I get a mod to reformat my name, please?


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23 May 2003
when I reregistered... didnt capitalize like this: NerdUprising

instead left like this: nerduprising

Dont mean to be a pain in the ass (which I am anyway) but it irritates me and my obsessive compulsive disorder lol

so if it isnt too much trouble, just a capital N and U please :D

thank you much
It'd be easier to delete the account and re-register under NerdUprising i'd imagine

Or maybe not.vvvvvv

Ahhh, I just noticed you started another thread, so deleting the a/c
would kill that too. Forget what I said there m8,
I thought you'd just created the account.:)
I'm pretty sure it can be easily done. Us lowly mods can't do it though, need an admin.

*lures an admin into thread with some cheese*

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