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Can I do this?



In my lab, I have 4 computers running win xp pro, and 1 running win 98 se (I can't upgrade this one due to hardware/application compatability issues). I have 1 computer that I want to designate a "server". It is a Pentium 1.5 Ghz w/1.25 Gb DDR RAM, 1 30 GB HD, 2 120 GB HD's, and 2 100 Mhz LAN cards. I have Win XP Pro installed on the 30 GB drive and the computer is connected to a switch on one LAN card and the internet on the other LAN card. All of the other computers are connected to the switch. I have 7 people that will be using all of the computers and I want to set up this small network so that each user can log onto any of the computers and upon doing so, their settings will transfer to what ever computer they are using, and they will only be able to access their personal folders on the server. Is this possible? How? I've been trying to play with the user account settings in the administrator utilities folder with little success. I've tried to set the login paths to the server, but when I change some setting on one of the client computers, the subsequently log off and log in on another client computer, the settings that I changed previously are gone. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


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Set the server up with Windows 2000 or .NET Server OS. Enable Active Directory and create a domain. Then all settings are stored on the server, and when someone logs on to another computer, all their stuff is transfered. This will only work on the NT/2000/XP computers. Profiles can't be transfered to 9x

you need a domain setup on a server os (nt server, 2000 server, .net server) with directory and logins
xp is a client/workstation os and cannot do these things
without a server/domain user accounts the accounts are all local to each machine and so are user permissions
also with a server os you will need a proxyof some type for it to share internet connection through it

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