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Can I delete these file



In windows diectory there is a bunch of files/folders with long names and $ in blue, as I am not at home and the computer I am typing this from is running 2000 I am not sure of the accully names but I hope you get the point. can I delete these folders and not worry about anything?


If I remember correctly names in blue with a $ are compressed files. I have a few of those in my Windows folder, and they are mostly backups from when I installed SP1.

As for deleting them... I'm not sure if its safe or not. If you are really hurting for space you could move them out of the Windows folder before you delete them to make sure windows doesn't need them. But I would play it safe and just leave them there.


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the blue $ file names are compressed files which are automaticlly compressed after a length of time which it hasnt been accessed for. I would agree with Justins safty of not removing the files incase they are important files but u can move them if you are short of file spaces. Ive only really noticed the blue file names with txt files which i doubt are important.. Hope this helps

Sincerly Alex :)


Yes can be deleted.

What SP1 does is that it creates uninstall folders and also backup folders. These can be deleted after some time if you feel comfortable with SP1 and not wanting to uninstall it.

If you do have a XP system with SP1 installed seperately, then this will apply to you, just delete the folder in question and thats it. Simple.



I was just wondering more then anything space is not an issue, but i do clean my hard drive regularly so I don't run into problems that is why I asked the question. Thanks all for your help.

But if I remember right some of those were there before SP1


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The files you are talking about are *Uninstall* Files/Folders for things such as "Windows Updates" "SP1 Install" and so forth, anything from MicroSquish that updates the OS. They look like this:



I think it would be best to leave them alone. Now as for the SP1 folder, it would best to search the MicroSquish site to see if it is safe to delete it.

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