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can apple cinema display be used with a PC


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they seem to have an ADC/dvi adaptor but I am not sure of the differences in signal and what not..

if anyone knows if this can be done.. please let me know

not that I can afford it currently but it would be lovely to have something like that :)

the guy @ the apple store said it might be possible but he could not comment since I was asking about an apple product with a non-apple product...


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If you're a PC user with a DVI-supporting video card, you can still use the Cinema Display, but expect to pay $150 for Apple's ADC-to-DVI converter. And forget about being able to control the display settings; Apple doesn't support the Cinema Display's software-only controls on PC platforms.


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heh yah I am don't know everything :cool:

I was looking @ the badboys @ an apple store and they didn't seem that happy that I asked about a pc :D

thanks all.. thats pretty much what I though... about teh functionality that is :)


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meh... I will never buy a mac (well not anytime soon anyways)

I hate proprietary crap and I hate false advertising even more...

I will however love to take a g5 case and mod it to fit an ATX board inside and get the apple cinema display though :D

THAT I can live with... the software and proprietary crap.. no thanks...


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yah but the software support is non-existent :(

if it was pure plug n play I would have no probs...

anyways. I have been browsing a few forums... might consider getting the baby once I get a proper job post uni and the costs drop to 1g and lower :D


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Viewsonic makes some really nice flat panel for pc also .. But I can see sazars wanting the cinema screen .. It is beautiful ..


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Hooray for thread resurrections, aside from obtaining the 20" display for myself since first posting here.. I also have some pointless information:
The 23-inch Cinema uses the #LM230W01 panel from LG.Philips
The 20.1-inch Cinema uses the #F8964 IPS panel from Chi Mei Optoelectronics
This information may be outdated due to the launch of the #LM230W02 from LG.Philips which may now be in the current 23" models.

Hooray for pointless information :p :D

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