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Can anyone tell me?


Prodigal Son
WTF is this? I am trying to set up a home network. In doing so, something called Earthlink on KONG showed up (see img below). I can't delete it. What is it and why is it there. I could find nothing on it when I searched on google.


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Maybe King Kong merged with earthlink lol. Sorry xsivforce that pic had me rolling. Maybe its the name of the server??


Extinction Agenda
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Hmm I see. Something got installed that popped earhlink up there. Do this xsivforce, look at your windows restore and look at the dates of your backups it might give you a clue of what got installed and when.
Roadrunner is not owned by earthlink. Time Warner owns it.


Prodigal Son
Originally posted by Terrahertz
look at the dates of your backups it might give you a clue of what got installed and when.
It just showed up about 2 hours ago. All I was doing was trying to set up a home network, which, by the way has not worked yet.
Originally posted by Terrahertz
Software, did you install any software? Is this a new PC your setting up broadband on or were you using dialup before?
No new software. All that has been on this machine is Roadrunner and has been for quite some time.
Umm. Now I open my network connections...and it's gone? I don't get it. I did nothing! I guess I picked the wrong week to quit methamphetamines.


i would say its the abreviation for a diffrent server... kong...
kinda out... need grapes....
ok, thats korny....
Looks like some computer named KONG turned on ICS on an interface called Earthlink and letting you use it. That way you got your IP from KONG and the icon showed up to tell you that "Internet is this way". I belive I have a similar icon but it's called "Home.se Free Internet on Kontorsdatorn" where "Kontorsdatorn" is my gateway.


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Is this kong thing on the other computer your'e networking with, I ask because when me and Gothic did a bit of death macthing at his contry retreat :) , His internet connections appeared on my computer.
Very possibly. I will check that out. It is a machine that was given to me. But, wait a minute. I wiped out the hard drive and did a clean install of the OS. I don't know. If it does anything else weird, I'll post it here. Otherwise, fugettaboutit (Italian Accent)

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