can a cd burner die? is mine dead? wont burn


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my ricoh mp7240A burner wont burn my cds anymore. Well ihad this problem for a while now maybe 3months but i thought i had crappy cd-rs. It reads cds just fine but sometimes when i read burnt cd-r/cd-rw, it wont read it. But original cd e.g. music , games, software. it reads fine. Is there a life expencancy with cd burners? It wont burn either, with nero or mp9. It says cant "disc speed error'. And the funny thing is, both nero and mp9 just spits out the cd and the cd isnt a coaster even. It still works. So im saying is it dead or do i need to buy like a cd lens cleaner or something? if it needs cleaning, ill go buy some later today. Help? or else i have quite a heavy paper weight or door stopper.

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They have a life span. You should find the specs at the home page. If it is dead I saw here in Melbourne a liteon advertised for under $50. What a bargain. You might be able to get the same deal in Perth.


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I had a drive die on me after about two years service. For replacement I got a lit-on DVD/CD combo. Pretty good kit.


You might aswell go buy a brand spanking new one now, the 16X dvd writers are butt cheap.

I paid £250 2 years ago for a 2.4 write, now 16X write and around £80, ahhh go get a new one and bin that one. Get some good free software with them also which makes it well worth the buy!

The cd/r/rw on my fiance's machine was £170 3 years ago when bought retail now I saw it for £29.99, still good evidence to get a new one.


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ok let me try fix this drive first. Any ideas how to clean the lens with a cotton bud? it says danger when opening =\. If its too troublesome ill try go buy one of those 8x flash to 16x burners.


Dip the dab into the solution so it's not sopping and not dripping, squeeze it till no drops come off, make sure no power is going to pc/disk drive, slowly move it over the ball/optical part, wipe off with dry end. thats what i do if I don't use a disk cleaner.


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i have that exact cd burner. and mine is dead. i've been through all the tech with rioch, and i have used a lens cleaner on it. still no luck. right now, it doesn't even read cds, let alone write to them. all rioch said was that my burner was probably expired, and i should invest in a new one. needless to say, i did not buy another rioch drive, i bought lite-on.
Ricoh made great burners back in the day, but as with any hardware, they are bound to fail. That is why they publish the MTBF stats. But before you toss it, definitely try cleaning the lens and doing a firmware upgrad.
go to and look for Mad Dog Multimedia Dominator 6-in-1 Internal DVD-R/-RW Drive and then look for Khypermedia 100-Pack Black Slim Jewel Cases what that is is a dvd burner and 100 cd jewel cases for 16 bucks after that is a deal


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I has a matsui burner, and it just would not burn so 4 months after it stopped working i bought a new LG burner and guess what? the fecking matsui burner started to work as soon as i installed the LG burner, now thats fecked-up!


Matsui the great products (sarcasm) named after the owner and his wife of the Dixons group, Matthew and Sue. They arranged to have the I instead of the E as to sound Japanese. That don't suprise me 1 bit. Maybe all you really needed for the other burner was a driver update or a kick in the grundies.

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lancer said:
I has a matsui burner, and it just would not burn so 4 months after it stopped working i bought a new LG burner and guess what? the fecking matsui burner started to work as soon as i installed the LG burner, now thats fecked-up!
NAaahh had the same thing happen to me - they can be temperamental when you move them around - I took a system apart to clean, also bought an XP Pro upgrade - came back to install and CD drive was gone - unplugged and did CMOS reset and it woke up! Very like your story - happens all the time....

Boy that did wind me up though!

PS Reps to you Lee - never knew where MatSui came from! (But always knew it was c**p!!) Now I know I will not forget!

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