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Can 2 Computers use 1 cable modem?



Hey. maybe a stupid question but i really dont know

i am about to buy cable internet, and i got a comp upstairs and downstairs

now if i network them, can the second comp use the internet aswell??

Comp #1 = XP Pro, with the cable internet

Comp #2 = Windows Me, wanting cable access aswell

thanks guys!


Well... There is one software which lets you use an intenet connection with 2 computers...

Wingate or something like that...


Even better situation then the 2 already proposed..spend about 70 bucks and by a linksys router with 4 port hub...you can add 4 comps to your cable modem and only pay for 1 IP. The router actually supports up to 253 computers but you will never reach that


Oh, it's not? PLEASE Mr. Catch23, enlighten us all with your knowledge and wisdom, like you seem to do day in, day out. After all, it is you who holds the keys to all things technological.


I just want an explanation how a hardware firewall on a router is not more secure than setting up internet connection setting through windows and having no firewall, period. That's all.


Of course I am :)

But I want a response from catch. I've been browsing these forums for months now, and am sick of his sarcastic and uninformative responses.

yep, u sure can! i have 1 cable connection and run it through my router, then to 2 machines in my home. i'm thinking about adding a third as well.

i haven't noticed any drop in speed when both 'puters r surfing the net or playing online games.


cable modem sharing

heres an even sillier question but here it goes. id like to share a cable modem connection btw 2 computers...ez enuf...heres the catch...one is is relatively new the other isnt so new and doesnt have a network card...do i have any other options...the other comp does have a usb port...is there a way to share btw those? I have a cable modem that only supports ethernet b/c i have linerunner on there as well...im trying to get out of this on the cheap and dont wanna invest in a router unless ab neccessary...thanks!!!



Maybe I missed it but, I don't think your specific question was addressed. Specifically, a computer upstaris and one downstairs sharing the one Cable modem. One member touched on what to do ... get a Linksys router.

I just did what you are asking about. Except, unless you feel like running Cat5 cable from upstairs to the modem downstairs (or vice-versa), you might want to explore a wireless router. Go check out the Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless 4-port Router and something like their WMP11 Wireless PCI Network card.
Wireless is a bit more expensive but will handle just what you have. Unless, like I said, you feel like running cable. Or, decide to locate both units in the same vicinity as the modem.



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the router suggestion is the best what you do is go from the cable modem to the router then out to as many pc's as you want up to 253 of course....but if you are on broadband and don't use a router I would definately protect yourself with a firewall basically the router controls what goes in and out by hardware firewall does the same but using software. thats all...don't want to get into the flaming :p


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use a router with many ports to plug your stuff in... in my apartment I have 2 computers upstairs and 2 downstairs and one internet connection...

so there :)
i have a linksys 4 port router with uplink
and wen i connect the cable modem into the wan port
the computers dont connect to the internet
(2 computers one upstairs one down here by the modem)
but if i connect the cable modem into the uplink port..
then i have to connect the computers into port 2 and 3....(1 cannot be used when u have somethin in the uplink port)
y does it not work wen i use the wan port?

xp pro
cable internet..
linksys 4 port router...

any help???? :confused:

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