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Calling Someones House On Computer?



A couple of years ago, my cousin and I use to take his computer and there was some kind of program on there where we punch in the telephone numbers and we could call them, talk to them with the microphone, etc....

Does anyone here have a program similar to that or know of one?


i used to use the phone dialer that was in win95,98,me...but cant seem to find one with winxp pro....i dunno either


Here's my advice. There are tons of resources on the net to answer most of your questions. Try searching before you ask everything because 9 times out of 10, it will be there. The reason I DO know that you didn't search for it is because if you visit the very helpful (seriously) Microsoft Knowledge Base, and typed in Phone Dialer and selected Windows XP, you would have found a very detailed article on where the phone dialer is and how to even add a shortcut to it.

To run the dialer, simply click START-->RUN-->dialer

That will launch the phone dialer. To add a shortcut, simply create a new shortcut with the path:

c:\Program Files\Windows NT\dialer.exe

That's all.



ive tried this but i cant get it to connect ever. anyone get this to work with a dsl modem?


has anyone ever placed a successful internet call with phone dialer?

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If you are trying to make a internet call, the phone dialer is not for you. What you would want to use is NetMeeting, or a VoIP service like Net2Phone. Or, if you have the money and patience, build your own VoIP phone system. I have one in my house that I use... It cost me $300 for the actual equipment. I use a standard VoIP phone ($99) right now, but I'm saving to get Cisco Office VoIP phones ($600 for me) with displays on them.

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