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calling all programmers


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Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone at OSNN is a excel macro wiz, or php, etc.

This is what I have:
Date Time Type Field1 Field2
May 17 6pm practice 3 & 4 1

Id like it to read:
May 17 6pm practice 3 & 4 Field1
May 17 6pm practice 3 & 4 Field2

Any suggestions? Quick and painless? or excessively complicated?



I may actually be insane.
Literally like that? Just text separated by spaces? Little more info, or even the file the info is coming from would be handy :)


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I tried to write a program one time. It was a .bat file that had this in it, "shutdown -s". I lost several friends over it after putting it in their startup folder. I then tried to sell them the antidote, which was "shutdown -a". That didnt go over very well :(
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Is this all? or am i missing something in the question?

Just change the format type on the cells to date with the format you want.

Arggh, I see. Set the language on the cell format to English united states, offers more options than canadian.

Or did you want to ditch the - between month and day too?
And did you want it to automatically fill in the playing field name based on something else.

All of the above can be done pretty easily. Let me know.


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no no no
sorry guys.
i have a HUGE list of data. i just posted one row in the excel file.

I need to make a macro to do this, i assume.

It seems logical. Heres how i break it down...
On a particular day there are x amounts of games to be played. And there are x amount of field. i need the data in a format i can easily drop into a database.

gameday match1-----match2----match3----match4
(edit: i dont know how to make a table in a post! sorry!!)

to be read into the db, i need it like:

gameday - match1 field1
gameday - match2 field2
gameday - match3 field3
gameday - match4 field4

so, IF their are 4 matches on 4 fields, then i need to insert X-1 rows. 3 new rows. and then i need the field names to move almost like a transpose.

sorry, i wasnt clear at all.

hope this help
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