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calf train wreck.


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Sorry spraycoz, it was no accident. it was murder. This piece of garbage drove his truck onto the tracks on purpose. He should have found another way to get attention ratherr than endanger the lives of other people.


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I agree, this was not an accident, had he chickened out the effort he still could have moved his car in this case a Jeep grand Cherokee. By not doing so he compunded his stupidity, and tragically those people died, he has in effect killed them.


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i apologize for my wording. no this was no accident but it was a sad event for those people that died and morte so for the 40 + who will have life long injurys.
I read somewhere that he tried to move the car but it was stuck in the tracks. but still.. why. sigh


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He thought his life was bad, now he will be getting booster shots from a guy named georget.....what a moron
There've been talks of him getting the death penalty - oh, that'll come, but in time. I hope he spends the rest of his miserable life in a jail cell. He wanted to die, why give that to him?


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He wont be put to death for awhile. I agree with the death penalty but only think i dont like is the high cost of doing it. Why does it cost so much to kill a person? Is it that hard to kill them with something cheaper?
Umm, actually he couldn't drive his vehicle off the tracks. He drove it down the tracks until it got stuck so he couldn't chicken out. Guess he should have glued the doors shut too.

But lets talk about justice as opposed to vengeance.

Vengenace - kill the guy (who wanted to die anyway) leaving the railroads and the victimes with no compensation.

Justice - keep the guy alive and make him spend the rest of his life doing forced labor in the vilest jobs possible with every penny earned going to compensate the railroads, his victims and their families.

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Kill the idiot,cheaper than keeping him alive.Why should tax payers have to foot the bill to keep him in prison? :dead:
Dunno about overthere but here the victims can claim compensation whether he's dead or alive
The compensation is stolen from taxpayers at gun point (we have a few of those programs over here too, but they're not universal). The guilty should be made to pay the costs of their crimes. It might act as a deterent.

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LeeJend said:
The guilty should be made to pay the costs of their crimes. It might act as a deterent.
Thats the thing though,they don't pay we do.It's obvious the guy has mental problems so he's not gonna be bothered if he's lock up is he? :speechless:
Evil Marge said:
It's obvious the guy has mental problems so he's not gonna be bothered if he's lock up is he? :speechless:
It's not like "mental problems" is one uniform thing. So yes, he will definately be bothered.

I say put him to work. Sure it will cost some to keep him alive, butthe benefit from his work should pay for that and more. LeeJend's ideaof justice in this case does sound very sound.

I've never understood the death penalty. Too much of a "just kill him,we don't want to bother" kind of way to approach the problem. Too muchvengence. Easy way out.

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