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Calendar app for network

This is a request on behalf of a forklift company I sometimes work for. They need a central calendar where they can add and see changes in their products (design changes and such). They want to be able to see an overview on at least 6 months on one screen, preferrably more. There it should be possible to look at any change made during that time.

The network consists of 10 XP Pro computers and one Caldera Linux server, so I guess Exchange server is right out (plus I've heard it's hell to work with).

Any ideas of suitable apps for this? Can MS Outlook be conned into using a central calendar?
I dont think the Outlook *.pst file can be opened in more than one location at the same time unfortunately :(

It might be a better option to make something in Access perhaps? What kind of things are you looking for this program to achieve? Is it just like a calendar layout (showing next 6 months) with the ability to add notes on things? It might not be so hard to actually make something to do that kinda thing...
Originally posted by jonifen
how about this for Outlook 2000?

Nah, it require Exchange Server.

The idea is to have notes whenever a change is made, but I suppose it doesn't have to be a calendar type layout as such. Especially since afaik, the changes don't occur very often. So I guess I could maybe construct something.

But keep the ideas comming, I'd rather get something pre-made.

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