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Cage knife thugs forever


Blame me for the RAZR's
Why... The news source link is below but mid way down on the article there is a banner to see the closed circuit video..... Really senseless, please sign the petition these 3 young men need to never be free again...

TODAY The Sun calls for three evil thugs to be locked up for life for the “motiveless” attack which led to the knife killing of Daniel Pollen.

Media student Daniel, 20, was stabbed as he waited for a lift home.

His friend Andrew Griffiths, who was celebrating his 20th birthday, was also attacked.

The sick trio who took part will be sentenced on June 23.

But today we are urging our army of readers to ensure the judge imposes the maximum sentence available on all three.
Sign the Petition here.
Source: The Sun Online


Part of a System
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This is why I get SO DAMN ANNOYED with this country. The moment you take away the fundemental human right of self defence, is the moment you take away a persons humanity.

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