Cables too long?

Dr. Kramer

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6 Jan 2004
Ok, so I just bought some round IDE cables without really researching the whole 'length' thing...So ended up buying 2 36" dual silver lined round IDE cables online.

Now after reading on the net about how anything over 18" can cause corruption...should i just ebay them and re-buy some shorter ones? (but the silver are OOS, only copper are left :cry:

thanks for any info

Make a Junk partition on your data drive and run burn in tests on it for data transfer.
If there is no file corruption after an hour of torture it's probably safe.

On the other hand round IDE cables are only $7-8. Just order some shorter ones to be safe.
I might be wrong about this, but I have NEVER had a problem with corruption WRT cable lengths. Even with a 72" 4 connector IDE (BTW, don't bother with 4 connector cables, just gives the system fits as it can only handle 2 channels). I would just do what LeeJend suggests and give it a try. If you worried about, just go pick up some new ones. Speaking of which, I need to buy a new IDE, I think my has a bad wire in it........
LeeJend, how bouts would I run burn tests? Sandra? and how do i tell if there is / has been corruption?

BTW, I'm running this on a new 160gb seagate..., so this ought to be fun!


what does WRT stand for??
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WRT: With Regards To

WRT cable lengths... The IDE specs stipulates a max of 18" FLAT cable. So a round cable is out of spec anyway. That said, I have an 18" and a 24" with no problems running UDMA6. Most people don't have problems with 24", but I have heard alot of data corruption or transfer mode slowdown due to 36" cables.

So anyone interested in buying some silver shielded 36" IDE cables?? :)

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