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Hey i borrow a cable modem from my friend so i could download some big files and it wont connect. On the network connections i click the network card and it says under support it has a invaild ip address and nothing is filled in. What can i do?


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Take your computer over to his house and do the download. You don't have a cable connection he does. It's not just having a modem.


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yea but my friend that lives next to me borrowed a cable modem from his friend for a month and it worked. Also i use to have cable internet. I have the spilter that has 3.5bps or whatever it is.


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i use dial on aol. The dude i borrowed from has comcast. He told me he couldnt get it to work when he got it the other day but he called comcast and they told him how to change the ip address and all that. Cant i just use the ip address and all the that xbox live uses to use on my computer?


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If you borrowed your friend's modem that work for him and the cable company in your area is the same that he uses it may be able to connect depending on whether your ISP filters your line of the cable modem frequencies if you do not pay for a cable modem subscription package. Plug the coax cable into a cable outlet and plug the electrical wire in and give it 10 minutes to see if it comes online. If it doesn't then forget about it, unless you want to find the cable co. box and take out the filter. This is usually either a light green box in the yard or atop a nearby electrical pole. You may need a Torx screwdriver but usually a philips will do fine. If it does come online, you can plug the ethernet cable into the computer and keep the IP settings on automatic. Give it an extra few minutes after the modem comes online to be able to access the internet. If the internet is inaccessible, point your browser to and see what it says. This address may vary with certain cable modems. But really, just go to your friends house with a CD-R.
mooo said:
your account norm goes by a certain mac address or what ever fromt he modem, but i am not for sure
I think you hit the nail on the head, mooo. Call the cable company, tell them the mac address of the modem you are using, and they will have you on in a jiffy.


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well i used the settings from xbox and the only prob i have now is the dhcp thing. The modem shows its doin somethin.


so from what i gathered is that you tried to use a cable modem to d/l files. now you dont pay for cable access but you try and get help from ppl here to see why you cant get what you dont pay for. Hmmm ...

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