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hey, i was wondering, which is faster, CABLE, or DSL ?

I have had both cable & DSL here in the Philippines and I would say DSL is the better.

But in reality, both of them are not world class system anyway in the Philippines.

With D/L speeds of around 20Kb/s and surfing speeds of about 200kbps average for DSL, the only thing world class about is the price.. About US$60.00/month for a 256K line. :(
Same basic dowload rate but DSL has a faster upload speed and easily adjusted for great speed, where as sometimes with your cable supplier they will limit you.
With D/L speeds of around 20Kb/s and surfing speeds of about 200kbps average for DSL

I dont understand, basic DSL connection should show 576000kbps download and 256000kbps upload, I download and browse at 60Kb/sec but can sometimes get four times that.
Looks like someone has limited your line :eek: ouch!

I pay £12 a week for mine :p
Here is a reading I took in the last 15mins. It can get up as far as 210kbps on a good day.

It's called GREED and there is no protection for consumers here.
Your CURRENT maximum throughput to OUR web site is:

177.425 K/sec
1419.4 kbps

0.1732666015625 Mb/sec
1.3861328125 mbps

2nd run

Your CURRENT maximum throughput to OUR web site is:

5242.875 K/sec
41943 kbps

5.1199951171875 Mb/sec
40.9599609375 mbps

This is on my work 2Mbit line so still is wrong :eek: god!
Cable has the potential to be faster than the standard DSL(aDSL). There are different types of 'DSL' out there that can have different speeds. Go here for some info on dsl or check out

I have aDSL here in NB, Canada. It's $42.95/mnth(Canadian). The speeds are capped at 2000kbps(250 KB/s) download, 520kbps(65 KB/s) upload. There is no cable available for me yet, Rogers is spending $90 million on upgrading my province. Cable should be available soon. There are two variants of dsl here, older subrscibers have the direct link adsl and the newer customers get PPPoE. They have PPPoE setup to use less bandwidth than what us direct link customers have. I think the PPPoE users here get about 150-200KB/s down, and 40KB/s up.

with BT Openworld here in UK...I *should get*
512bps/256bps (64k/32k)

but i get much much faster ;)

on average i get
768/384 and have also cometimes got 1024 k (1 mb) download... stable not burst rate... looks like it isn't capped properly... you won't hear me complaing though :D

a m8 of mine has cable... lives on the other side of town to me... he can't even get 64k @ times... so shows that dsl is better then cable in this area...

like to add also that my exchange is right behind my house... about 400-500 yards from my house... (telecommunications business estate behind my house :D) i think i'm the closest house to the box... so that may effect it... it does tend to effect dsl (how far u are frome exchange) i think adsl peaks @ about 30 000 foot radius... after that it dies down... but don't quote me ;)


<@UniSol> dialup[Fujitsu Dial-Up PPP Connection via Fujitsu USB ADSL WAN Modem @ 576000bps for 1h 56m 9s (7.59MB up, 14.27MB down)]

<@UniSol> os[Windows XP Professional (5.1 - 2600)] uptime[1h 58m 5s] cpu[1-Intel Pentium II, 348MHz, 512KB (0% Load)] mem[Usage: 142/192MB (73.96%) [|||||||---]]

<@UniSol> Network Interfaces[#1 (Realtek RTL8139/810X Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC (10Mb/s) 0.01MB In, 0.00MB Out) #2(WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface (576Kb/s) 14.65MB In, 6.87MB Out)]

IRC'ed :D
[os! Windows XP Professional (5.1 - 2600)][uptime! 2d 15h 55m 21s][cpu! 1-Intel P2 Celeron, 534MHz, 128KB (4% Load)][ram! Usage: 189/384MB (49.22%) [||||||||||]][ ATI Radeon 32MB DDR ]. ScreenInfo: [ 1024x768 32bit 75Hz ]

Space Left On [ C: 10.09/19.08 GB. Total: 10.09/19.08 GB ]

Network Interfaces:[ #1 (D-Link DFE-538TX 10/100 Adapter (10Mb/s) 1299.90MB In, 214.67MB Out) ] Total: [ 48.33GB In since 04/12/2001, 31.55GB Out since 04/12/2001 ]

[ NetWork BandWidth: 0.28 KB/s, Download: 0.19 KB/s, Upload: 0.09 KB/s ] Record: [ Download: 238.26 KB/s, Upload: 57.77 KB/s ]

EEEK, IRC spam!

Start Test: 30/01/2002 9:47:18 PM
Test Type: Download 1 megabyte
Operating System: Windows XP
-------------Settings Used------------
[Carte D-Link DFE-530TX PCI Fast Ethernet (rev.A)] Maximum Transfer Unit: 1492
Tcp Receive Window: 64240
Time To Live: 64
Black Hole Detection: False
Auto-Detect Maximum Transfer Unit: True
Maximum number of simultaneous HTTP 1.0 Connections: 10
Maximum number of simultaneous HTTP 1.1 Connections: 8
Tcp Options: 3 - Window Scaling and Timestamp Options
Fast Retransmission and Recovery support value: 3
Support for Selective Acknowledgements: True
Data Transfer Start: 30/01/2002 9:47:19 PM
Data Transfer Complete: 30/01/2002 9:47:28 PM
--->Total Data Received: 1020.82 kilobytes
--->Time to Complete Transfer: 00:00:09:113
--->Average Speed: 111.42 kilobytes per second
--->Peak Speed: 122.57 kilobytes per second

Bell High Speed (Montreal) Canada $29.95 a month + $10 for modem rental....... 1 mb in 9 seconds and this is constant all the time no matter what day or hour :cool:
I had Adelphia cable and it sucked A$$. On peak times, it was worse than a 56k modem. Anyway, the main difference between DSL and Cable is that cable, you share your bandwith with other cable people in your area. DSL gives you your own bandwith. I have earthlink dsl and the attachment is on a REALLLLLY good day:
Kermit: i am in Canada Montreal as well (Laval). I get about the same speds as you well maybe better. Dsl speeds for me as well are constant ( 290 upload 1124 down ) Interested in where you got those stats, care to share the URL ????. Maybe we can put a quebecois flare on this site...

Bootsy: That assumption is incorrect. In your area that may be true, but where I am we have dedicated bandwidth using DOCSIS 1.1 (which can be overcome if you're familiar with the specs and procedures). Besides, technically, we're all sharing bandwidth since your bandwidth doesn't mean jack compared to the available bandwidth of the network,server, or page your travelling to, or downloading from. This can be proved by the fact that even on my T3 port at work it still blows having to download anything over 100MB from FilePlanet.

Anyways, where I am my cable is faster than any DSL connection under $100 for less than half the price, upstream excluded (which is still locked at 256K here) and goes down less than half as often, for less than half as long.

When I had Qwest aDSL it would go down in the entire neighborhood on average every 6 weeks for at least a whole day, usually 2 or 3, and once for almost two weeks! :mad: Qwest also cost far too much for a crappy 512K connection that my cable modem laughs at. In a major city, and less than 2000' from the switching office that is completely unforgivable. Which is exactly why I killed my DSL connection a long time ago.

Now I get T1 like downstream, and it has only went down once for 6 hours in the 9 months I've had cable. All for only $40 a month. DSL blows goats for beer money in this neighborhood. :D
Why did I have to mention my DSL speeds, now I lie in bed at nights and cry after seing what you guys get :(

The excuse that the phone company gives is that the Philippines is a third world country but the thing is, they are using first world equipment and charging more than most first world countries.

Here is my latest reading and this is about as good as it gets for me, some other people can get as fast as 230kbps but that is rare.
Hey Canuck

Hey ok well I got my stats from my own computer with system mechanic from it has a tweaker for network connections and a diagnostics too ...... nice to see someone from my area here .............:cool: :cool:
A link for speed test

here is a link for speed tests

Try a few to get an average .....mine is most always 900-950 no matter time or day ....... and as for stable well I have run on bell high speed for over a year now and only lost my connection maybe 3 times never more then for an hour ..........:cool:
Damn, some of ya'll have sum nice speeds, I have shaw@home, and i checked a few forums where ppl wid the same isp are gettin incredible speeds, anyway to tweak mine?


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