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Jewelzz, Cox usually sells/leases Toshibas or Motorolas.

I bought mine from them ... it's a Toshiba PCX1100U, and it's great. It's DOCSIS certified, and it has both Ethernet and USB connections.

The Motorolas are very good too. Just go for the one that costs less.


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I'm moving NetRyder, remember? :p

The reason I'm looking for another one, my current one seems to be dying :( It just has to be docsys compatable


Jewelzz - don't know as this will be any help at all (probably not), but I rent mine from Comcast for $3.50 a month with the idea that "if I have a problem" - it's their modem - so they'll have to replace it! Mine is on 24/7 - couldn't find one for less than $100 - so I have to rent for about 2 1/2 years with no problems before I lose money on the deal!


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hey i just got a linksys etherfast cable modem and it blazes, could ask for a more stable modem the crap cox provided was well .... crap ! LOL get the linksys prolly the same money cox is offering its modem to ya for.


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SON OF A B!@&CH i got screwed i payed 120 for mine . but jewlezz it works with almost any cable isp. i tried renting mine from cox but they all but refused to come service it the first 2 times it broke down and refused me the third.
Originally posted by Majin
SON OF A B!@&CH i got screwed i payed 120 for mine . but jewlezz it works with almost any cable isp.
LOL :D That's pretty darn high for a cable modem! I think I got mine for around 80 at the time.
yeah the surfboards are cheap! and theres no problem with them. cable modems don't really make a difference its just the cable company that determines the speed.


Originally posted by NetRyder
Some ISPs do require that you have a DOCSIS certified modem, though. But I'm sure the Motorola is, in any case.
Can u still buy Legacy modems ?

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