Cable Modem Woes

Admiral Michael said:
Ya but as far as I kno USB doesn't have a MAC address. So maybe since hes connectin with a NIC and there is a MAC address, it work connect.
hmm... ok I think I never gave this enough thought. Never thought of USB connection on modem and USB on machine ... just not logical to me I suppose thus my oversight :p
is it an onboard network connection? if so, make sure this is enabled in the bios. also try popping in a new nic. They are cheap and readily available. I've had my onboard nic go bad before.
Have the same problem

Don Fudleone said:
Dear all,

I currently connect my Cable Modem through USB :eek: . well, i now have a brand new ethernet cable :p , patch cable to be precise.

i have connected this first with disconnecting the usb connections . now whenever i boot up, i can no longer access the internet. reverting back to usb, i have full access. can anyone help?

Steps i have taken already:

Instead of automatically acquiring by DHCP, i input the IP address manually. (~The IP has remained constant for a few days, i haven't shut the modem off) it is not recognising the IP address. neither is it when it obtains ip automatically.

running IPconfig, it does not give default gateway IP.

also, the lights at the back are Orange amber which remains lit constantly and a flashing yellow amber.

i have tried endlessly, but to no avail. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.


Don Fudleone

I am having the same problem and according to Motorola there is nothing to the ethernet. I find this hard to believe. So what I did wich may help, I set up ics. It works, you just have to leave that computer on for others to access the web. If you have found anything else out about this situation please let me know.


A number of cable companies control the connected devices by the MAC address. On many modems that have both ethernet and USB connectors the ethernet and USB have different MAC addresses and if you switch between them you will not be able to connect until after the IP address lease expires.

The simplest thing to do is just call your ISP and tell them that you want to switch from the USB connection to the ethernet connection and they should be able to help you do that quickly, you will probably just have to give them the MAC addresses which should be on your modem.

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