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4 Mar 2004
Dear all,

I currently connect my Cable Modem through USB :eek: . well, i now have a brand new ethernet cable :p , patch cable to be precise.

i have connected this first with disconnecting the usb connections . now whenever i boot up, i can no longer access the internet. reverting back to usb, i have full access. can anyone help?

Steps i have taken already:

Instead of automatically acquiring by DHCP, i input the IP address manually. (~The IP has remained constant for a few days, i haven't shut the modem off) it is not recognising the IP address. neither is it when it obtains ip automatically.

running IPconfig, it does not give default gateway IP.

also, the lights at the back are Orange amber which remains lit constantly and a flashing yellow amber.

i have tried endlessly, but to no avail. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.


Don Fudleone
if you don't mind me asking, why did you switch from USB to ethernet?

All you should have to do to get the ethernet cable working once you disconnected the USB cable, was to reset the modem (unplug the power for at least 10 seconds, then plug it back in). i have to do that all the time when i freshly install my modem drivers.
after unplugging your modem and switching the cables are turning it back on you might need to do "ipconfig /release" then "ipconfig /renew" in command line. I think maybe that'll fix your issues if your ISP uses DHCP.
ElementalDragon said:
if you don't mind me asking, why did you switch from USB to ethernet?

USB is terrible for internet connections, higher latency, unstable, etc. USB was meant for printers and cameras, poor ISP's just dish out USB modems because they are cheaper.

<back to topic>
Make sure that you remove the USB connection if it is anywhere, ie network connections, because that could be causing your problems. Also remove the software too. You shouldn't set a static IP up for a DHCP connection, it can stop you from connecting if the IP you are assigning yourself is already assigned to a different location.
If none of these tips work. Try calling your ISP. I worked for @Home/Comcast here in the states, and we kept unauthorized computers off the net by keeping track of the MAC id's. Fairly likely they'll send you to a webpage or do it themselves from their end andhave you up and running in about 2.5.
USB is terrible for internet connections, higher latency, unstable, etc.

Hmm.... i don't notice any difference at all between using the USB cable or the Ethernet cable that came with my modem. Plus, using the USB cable gives you the ability to still use the on-board NIC for a network, if you have one that is.
th for the info guys, sorry i have taken a while to get back to. i will try out what u have suggested.

if you don't mind me asking, why did you switch from USB to ethernet?

the answer is the same as jz97lr mentioned - high latency, uses pc power supply etc.

will post back any problems.

i ipcfg /released, rebooted the modem, and ran ipconfig. still no response. 'DHCP Timeout'. i am still getting an automatic private address.

there is no DNS or gateway in ipconfig info.

what my nic card control suite says:

Link Status - Ok

when i run the suite's test - it asks for an IP. the help says it only asks if it cannot already find one (duh?)

abt the mac address - urm.... i connect back my usb cable and the internet works. so there is no problem there (?).

if anything i wrote made any sense...

Don Fudleone
Are the green lights on (NIC and Modem) that show the connection is good? If not you may have the wrong polarity ethernet cable. There are 2 types "straight through" and "cross over". My modem requires a cross over cable. If this is the case there may be a physical switch on the modem to change polarity.

If the lights are on have you installed the drivers for the ethernet? This is especially important if the PC lan connection is through the MB. I have seen MB that do not auto install the LAN drivers. Also you may have to turn "on board LAN" on in the MB bios. Look under advanced.
You're not using a crossover cable, are you? You said patch cable, but I just wanted to make sure... if you were using a crossover, then you'd possibly get link, but would not be able to send-receive traffic. It honestly sounds to me like the issue is the cable.
This may sound crazy, but did you remove the old network connection from the network manager (assuming you are using windows)?

Ive never used a USB modem, so I'm not exactly sure what protocols are installed by default.
Getting Private IP

Are you getting a ip address? If so your NIC is working fine and it's likely that, like I said, you need to register the new MAC. If you're getting a then there is something wrong with either the NIC in your computer(could be corrupted tcp/ip or drivers), the NIC in the modem, or the cable you are using.

BTW to clear up a little confusion, the USB connection from the modem to the comp has a MAC id hardcoded into the modem itself. When you're connected, you can find it by snooping around the modem's status page by directing your browser to
I just reread your original post. You did not mention anywhere that you "installed" the Ethernet LAN Connection in windows. You have to actually take an action to do this.

Under my network places select view my network connections and see if both the etehrnet and usb networks show up. If not, open my network places and select "set up a home or small office network". One of the options along the way will be "connect to the internet through my LAN" make sure you check that. There should be an option to select an ethernet adapter or the USB. Select ethernet this time. If you don't see an ethernet adapter option it is turned off in BIOS or the MB drivers were never installed.

I don't know how Windows will handle having 2 LANs set up (one USB and one Ethernet). I know it can handle 2 ethernet networks. Make sure that "connect to the internet through my lan" is selected in the ethernet one.
silis said:
on some modems it might be

but it's an SB4100, which I have, it's All the Surfboards use that IP, with the possible exception of the SB5100. I never had to troubleshoot one of those, cable modem with integrated router(wireless and 4 LAN ports). Damn sexy for a cable modem.
why would he have to do anything w/ a mac address? he is just changing cables ... thats all. he isn't switch nics or routers or even modem. right?
Ya but as far as I kno USB doesn't have a MAC address. So maybe since hes connectin with a NIC and there is a MAC address, it work connect.
Thanx for the help guys.

i have done my snooping around and my isp offers to register a MAC online. i think this is what i need to do. if its succesful i will let u know.

ps. works, and its very helpful.

i'll reply with an update soon.

Don Fudleone

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