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Yesterday I got cable internet installed in my house. It works, and fast. I connected it through the ethernet port (there's no dialing or installation needed). But then I wanted to connect the cable modem to my switch so I can use the internet connection and my home network together and also share the connection (I have only one ethernet card on my comp). So I connected it. But then I can't see the client computers. If I mess with the settings a bit I can make it so I can see them but then the internet doesn't work. And if I mess with the settings again I can make the internet work but I can't see the client computers :confused: ... And those stupid support ppl don't wanna help me because they say that it's not their problem as long as it works at least on one computer :mad: . So what am I doing wrong? How can I fix this? Without having to use USB (because the cable outlet isn't by the server computer but near the switch).



get a cheap cable/dsl router and you should be fine. the final setup should look like this: cable modem -> router -> switch/hub


Or you could install a cheap second network card in your machine and use your computer as a proxy/DHCP server.

Router is a cleaner way though.

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The best solution would be a router, I like Linksys. This way you also protected by a NAT firewall. The switch provides no protection. If you have shares setup then you have a huge security issue.