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25 Feb 2004
Hey i currently have a cable modem and a wireless router access point. Is there anyway to get a hybrid cable modem and router with say four ports or a cable modem with a wireless access point? Does anyone sell a system like that?
I'm not sure I've ever seen that... I know there are DSL+router units, but cable modem.... Can't say that it rings a bell.
i don't recall seeing or hearing of anything like that either. would probably cost a rather pretty penny too if there was one.
If the clutter on the desk bothers you get a longer cable and put them behind the desk. It'll be a lot cheaper. Mine sit on a bookshelf off to the side.
yeah i have an adsl one, dunno if linksys do cable versions??
Prob not, doesnt cable ISPs use the modem as a sort of username and password? You would have to register your modem with your ISP. With DSL you have to either use a router or connection software and enter your username and password in that.

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