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Cable modem question....

I found out that cable internet access will be available in my area in the next few weeks and a question has entered my mind. I current have 56K dialup connection. The modem is hooked up to a Windows XP Professional box running ICS. This XP box also has a network card connected to a 9 port hub. I also have another box dual-booting between Windows XP/Pro and Red Hat Linux 8.0. This machine also has a network card in it connected to the 9 port hub. Thirdly I have a D-Link wireless access point through which my laptop gets out onto the internet via the ICS running on the main XP box. Now when I get my cable modem...I realize that the modem will go away and a second network will go into my computer that will in turn connect via Cat5 to the cable modem. Now I know that the second network will also have the public IP address and the like bound to it. My question is....will I turn on ICS on that second network card or what? This is confusing me because I know that when I turned on ICS on my current configuration...it changed the network card's IP address to and then allowed the other machines to pull IPs via DHCP. I may not have made a bit of sense here...but how are my other machines gonna know how to get to the gateway to get out onto the internet? I am considering getting a router. I know Linksys makes a router with 4 10/100 ports as well as a WAN link and this may totally clear up my confusion. Any input would be appreciated...



Wow.. pretty network you got set up there. Sorry I can't answer your question as I know diddly about networks. One thing tho, Never, ever post your IP address (assuming it's a real one)... you never know who's reading the forums.

Just my 2 cents :)
Easiest way is to buy a cable/dsl router, D-link makes a good one with a print server already built in, believe it's a model 704 something, anyway the print server alone makes it worth the buy, should run you around 60 to 75 bucks.

Yeah, I have the DI-704P ... it's a 4 port router with a print-server and even a serial port (so you can share a 56k connection too :p)

The price has dropped a LOT since I bought it ... you should be able to get it really cheap. But I think the new 704P model doesn't have the serial port anymore.
Or if you want to stay with ICS:
- ICS is allways enabled on the Internet connection.
- DHCP will tell the computers which way to go, just like it does now.

Also, I have the DI-704P and it works very well and is fast.
ok...I think I have decided on the D-Link 604 for my router. I have no use for the print server since I don't even own a printer. I can get the 604 for $44 from http://www.emscomputing.com Now the issue of buying the modem is still kind of in the air. If I buy one...it will be the Motorola SurfBoard SB4200 for $76 from http://www.newegg.com I think I can rent the modem from Comcast for like $5 a month extra. Seems like to me this would be a good deal since they would have to provide support and service for it.


gballard - I am in the Hattiesburg area and have been on Comast cable since Nov 2001 and down here the cost of the modem rental just dropped to $3 a month - and right on - if it craps out - they replace it!!

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