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Cable modem + hub + 3 computers networking

Hi, for some reason, I forget this or something, cause I have done this before... but currently not working well...
What I am trying to do is... set up a network between 3 computers and share internet connections between them with a hub via cable.
BTW, they are all on WindowsXP pro.

I have done the windowsXP network connection setup to HUB and stuff, but appearntly, only the first computer connects to the internet, and others don't...

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here or give me some pointers on manual IP addressing...?

I tried searching, but found nothing similer...




Is the cable modem plugged directly into the HUB?

If so, it is becoming more common practice for cable providers to only provide one IP per wall socket, i.e. only IP address can access the modem.

If this is the case, then you have to actually dump a 2nd network card into a host computer, whack the modem into that, reset it, and set up some kind of sharing. I find that Winroute does everything pretty well, NAT, Proxy, mail, etc. http://www.kerio.com/us/kerio.html
Originally posted by farseeker
P.S. - small hint:

worrior's is actually spelt warrior's :)
Um... thanks for the typo.... will get to that later one... should always read what you type -_-;

Anyway, at this moment... me and my buddies are trying to get these 3 computers connected and do some filesharing and play some games right now... and we don't have an extra NIC laying around here...
anyother hints?


Uuh, go out and buy a cheapo 10mb NIC??

Naah kidding, unfortunatly short of buying a fully blown router with switch, there isn't really all that much that can be done, as far as I know. My friend had this problem with his Optus connection, another friends with his iPrimus ADSL. ADSL user bought a router, Optus user picked up another NIC.

If it's really that important, you might have to steal the NIC out of another computer (unless you need all three of them on the broadband).


lol, ok, well it's 3:40pm Sunday here, so there's still nothing open over here either (most computer places dont do sunday trading).
A second NIC would require the host computer to be on for the others to surf.
Another (bit more expensive, lots more convinient) solution is to get a router. Basically you'd replace the hub with the router. Small setup and off you go. Linksys and Netgear have cheap good routers.


catch 22...

Once you get your second Nic card and set up your ICS....then you can check out any replies to my earlier post about playing internet games from a home-network.....it doesn't work. Accessing the internet is no problem, but a little thing called NAT is going to prevent CHAT and interactive gaming except from the pc connected directly to the modem...even with ICF off.


NAT (Network Address Translation) doesn't have to disable those things. I run a NAT and can do everything except send files over MSN, and thats just because I'm lazy and can't be bothered setting up port mappings.

As far as the computer cares, being on a NAT is the same as being connected directly to the internet.


That's what I had to do...port mappings....in ICS services....works 1 game at a time...have to refresh the IP address each time I boot...should be a way to "enable" all ports.
You don't "enable" the ports, you send them through. If you type in the name of your computer intead of the IP it won't matter if you have dynamic internal IP:s. And you can set up ports for more than one game at a time. Besides the only thing that is (or should be) a problem with NAT is hosting games. Joining games is no problem. Chatting is no problem except for file-transfers.


Have you gone to the Network Setup Wizard !

In Start menu, Accessories and Comunications

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