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Cable Modem Help!!


Mr Dead

I ive just done a fresh insall of xp pro then installed SP1. The problem im having is my cable modem is "timing out" after about 10 mins and I have to reboot to activate it again. Ive checked the activity log and it reports about being unable to do something with the ip address. Do I need to adjust any of the settings under the "services" option to sort out this prob. All was well before I reformatted and reinstalled XP....

Mr Dead

Thanks 4 the quick reply, just checked your suggestion and its set to auto already. Hope someone else out there has the solution or ill have to ring the dreaded "customer support" line where they keep u on hold with the same repetative tune for hours. A friend of mine rang them, they kept on hold for a couple of hours then cut him off without anyone speaking to him. Was he pissed!!!!!!
You might also want to try and re-set your cable modem. Here is how:

Unplug modem from power source (wall outlet/surge protector). Leave unplugged for about 1-2 minutes. Plug back-in and see if that helps. Lights on modem should start to set themselves to what are the normal mode for your brand cable modem.


I think you'll find if your on BlueYonder, it will be fixed in about 24 hours!!! They are a bit s**t like that. :mad:

Mr Dead

Thank for the help everyone but finally got to the source of the problem (after a complete format and re-install) turned out that ntl had my modem set on another cities router, how they just did this i dont know had broadband for about 9 months now!!! p.s. as soon as you tell the tech support u got xp they just say "sorry we dont support xp".

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