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Here's a new one I have never seen. I am connected through an ethernet card to high speed cable internet. All the lights on the cable modem are lit properly. Once I start the computer, the internet connection is great. No problems at all - good speed and so forth. After a couple minutes the internet connection just stops. Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, AIM, FTP programs, nothing can do anything on the internet. To get the internet running again, I have to release and renew the IP through WINIPCFG, or reboot, or unplug the modem and plug back in. The lights never change on the modem. It appears to be working fine. Does anyone have any ideas what would cause the computer to stop internet access like this. I am on Windows XP Pro, 1.7 P4 with 512 Ram. It worked fine until the other day (and I had not installed any programs). I even went back to a ghost image I had made and the same issues. I use Zone Alarm Pro but never had any probelms with cable access before. I have used the same cable providor for 4 months with no issues until the other day. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Zonealarm Pro just in case in got corrupted. No luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated !!! Thanks in advance.


dude i have the same problem... i heard it was the drivers.. but i switched back and it still happens.. so i dont know... i have to totally shut down and unplug my modem everytime because release and renew wont work at all... i guess thats an XP problem though. i upgraded to my v5 drivers again and it hasnt happened yet..i guess just fooling around with your ethernet settings just helps.. i dont know if there is a cure or not yet.


I too had a similar problem with ATT cable, heres how I fixed it.

Go to start, settings, control panel, admin tools, services...double click on DNS client, click on stop, the in the pulldown change it to disabled.

That was a few months back, ATT has since fixed this issue with PC's running WindowsXP.

Hope this helps.


thanks i will try that.. but where can i find new firmware for my SB4200 surfboard cable modem?


Originally posted by EMPIRETANK
thanks i will try that.. but where can i find new firmware for my SB4200 surfboard cable modem?
I don't think its your modem...its the way Win XP handles your DNS info.

Try it and if it doesn't work well try something else.


dont think there is a firmware update for cable modems - and if there were im sure da company ur renting it from wouldnt want u prickin about wiv da modem (not sayin u dont know wot ur doin! :) )


Originally posted by silent_bob
dont think there is a firmware update for cable modems )
I agree, and I would bet its not your modem.

But if you doubt us try HERE

I don't have a SB so unless your at absolute wits end, I'll provide you links and you do the research.


Also check your Nic card for any defects too. I recently moved to Texas, and am running on ATTBI without any problems what so ever.

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