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Cable internet activity question/Help


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Ok, just recently I have started to notice that my cable internet connection is very active when it shouldn't be. I have a constant 5.5K up and download activity on only my connection and I can't figurare out why. I have gone as far as blocking all applications in my firewall, no change. Now previously, I would have the upto 5K connectivity pulses, but never this type of constant up and down activity. When I switch to my dial-up backup I don't have this activity. Any Ideas as to what might be going on? Is there anyway I can see what traffic is passing? I have run my up-to-date antivirus scan and it shows nothing unusal. No virus or trojans detected. (Mcafee) My other PC which is on my network is not doing this and they are not setup for ICS, I tested it by disconnecting the other pc from the network. This is driving my nuts, and got me a bit worried as I know this should not be happening.


The Voices Talk to Me
Sure, and wouldn't you f#@%^&@ know it, the second after I post it here it stops doing it! Grrrrrrrrr But if any of you have any ideas as to what might have been going on I would really like to hear it in case it starts up again.


;) Could be a trojan:( Just guessing. Funny how it stops after you post. Maybe they were watching ya. hope that is not it.


That would be true. Forgot it was said in the post about using dial up. Oh well, hope you find the cause.


My cable company sends packets of activity at different times so my modem shows activity even when I am not uploading or downloading. This happens for no apparent reason. Sometimes they are upgrading firmware and sometimes they are testing. Agood link for testing and forums by provoder go here:http://www.dslreports.com/


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Well I am going to say that is not firmware upgrades as I don't think I should be seeing the activity past the modem, and past the router. I even tried shuting down all non-essential programs from the task mgr. and there was no change. I even checked to make sure it was not any type of automaitc update of windows or anti-virus. I checked my firewall activity while it was happening and there was nothing that it reported that it was blocking, like if it was an attack. I have checked for spyware, adware, or anything else that could have been calling home, nothing. It is just really bizare. And of course it hasn't been happening since my post (go figuare). I tripple checked to make sure there were no remote admin functions opperational also. No DMZ stuff, nothing. Just leaves me scratching my poor head, I think I have a bald spot by now. LOL

I don't think it is background traffic either as this went on for hours at a time. And the I don't think it was an attck as the up an down streams were so even. If someone was lets say copying parts of my HD the up stream would be higher than the down, and vise versa.

It just really wierd.


The Voices Talk to Me
Originally posted by Enyo
Did you use PMON to see if any data is moving across the network?

What application is measuring the up and down traffic?
I was just going by statbar and my internet connection icons data view.

Now I didn't use PMON as it stoped happening right after I posted my first post. so untill it happens again I am SOL there.


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Ok it did it again! I ran Pmon and all the traffic is between me and my router, some of it is keep-alive and the rest I am not really sure what it is, but it doesn't look like it is actually leaving my network.
Could both my comp and my router just be women that like to talk allot? Do you think there talking about me? Should I be worried?


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well just a sugguestion, but I use DU Meter (download and upload meter) www.dumeter.com Maybe you can install it and see if a specific computer in your place is taking the upload or download. At least that way you can limit the problem to a specific pc and possible even disconnect it from the internet until you can find out what might be taking it. Maybe there is a program running in the background who knows. Just an idea.
it sounds like you've solved the problem, but just in case I figured I'd mention spyware or addware. You can use a program like spybot search and destroy to see if you have any on your system, if you had any (like gator) you'd see a lot of activity too. good luck though, hopefully it's nothing.

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