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[C++] Setting Printer to Duplex

I am trying to put together a program which will change the settings of a printer to Duplex Printing (Printing on both sides).

Here is the code I am using:
   char PortName[256]    = {0};
   char DriverName[256]  = {0};
   char PrinterName[256] = {0};

   HANDLE hDevMode;
   LPDEVMODE pDevMode;

   // Lets load up all the printers into a ComboxBox so we can see them
   ListBox1->Items = Printer()->Printers;

   //Now lets go through them all and make the changes.
   for(int i = 0; i < ListBox1->Items->Count; i++)
     Printer()->PrinterIndex = i;
     Printer()->GetPrinter( PrinterName, DriverName, PortName, (unsigned int)hDevMode );
     if( hDevMode )
        String PrtName = PrinterName;

        // cast to a LPDEVMODE not PDEVMODE
        pDevMode = (LPDEVMODE) GlobalLock( hDevMode );
        if( pDevMode )
           if( pDevMode->dmFields & DM_DUPLEX )
             pDevMode->dmDuplex = DMDUP_HORIZONTAL;
              ShowMessage("Duplex Detected");
             ShowMessage("Not Duplex");

            GlobalUnlock( hDevMode );
         Printer()->SetPrinter(PrinterName, DriverName, PortName, (unsigned int)hDevMode);
    }//loop end
Now I've run this code, and it does change the dmDuplex to DMDUP_HORIZONTAL successfully, however when you go to print it does not print duplex.

In addition to this, if I manually change the printer settings to print Duplex from the Printer Settings Dialog box you get in something like word, and then check the value of dmDuplex I find that it is unchanged, i.e. if it was DMDUP_SIMPLEX and I set it to Duplex printing in the dialog box, it will remain as DMDUP_SIMPLEX.

Now, I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Do I need to update something once I have made the changes to DMDUP_HORIZONTAL so it will refresh it? Or am I barking up the wrong tree - do I need to look somewhere else?

Would be v. grateful if someone can anyone shed some light on this. Thank you.


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