"C:\resycled\ntldr.com is not a valid Win32 application"


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13 Nov 2007
I was on my computer and was trying to access my HDDs when something unexpected came up. I double-clicked on "My Computer" and tried to get access to one of my HDDs (the one I was trying to get into was called "MMHDD"). It came up with a window saying "C:\resycled\ntldr.com is not a valid Win32 application." I then tried to access my Flash Drive, but it did the same. The same with all my hard drives. I can access them via command prompt, even via the run command. But I cant access them via explorer worth anything. Whaddido?
Is this a hd with an OS installed on it? Like slaving to recover files? Was the word "recycled" misspelled like that?
You have a virus that was contained in a certain codec install.

Proably changed your keys located at:



and so on
Thanks, guys. trukkmann, as for your question, there is two on one of the HDDs and one on the other. As for going to that link, i did. seems like a lot for just a little problem. but thatz PCs for you.

When I clicked on my C:drive i got this error message;

c:\resycled\ntldr.com is not a valid win32 application

since then I have restored my pc with the startup disk and the message has gone

BUT NOW..........

the message pops up when I click on an external hard drive!!!

im just scared its a bad virus spreading everywhere.
i can ACCESS the drive by right clicking and exploring

ive followed instructions from forums but they lose relation to my problem somewhere down the line...

any help would be appreciated alot

thanx alot,
go get nod32 trial and run it in compete in-depth mode over all your drives.
hi reptilia82 can you tell me if the nod 32 worked im dealing with the same thing, and i am also dealing with tr\vundo.gen Trojan right now...
i did and it scanned 375,835 files and no infected files or threads or detections and i know i got Trojans :p
set it to in-depth mode (choose complete scan). By default it doesn't scan as hard :)
Okay, all. This soved everything. Go to malwarebytes.com. They have a free antivirus scanning software that took out all of my viruses including the resycled/ntldr one and about 30 other I didnt know about. That is the best antimalware I have ever had. I even bought kaspersky, and that was a total waste. The malwarebytes one is best.

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