C++ have to do with games?


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What does C++ have to do creating games like Metroid Prime for example. What does it do to help? I still dont understand what programmers do to creat a game.

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C++ is the code that is used to write the game itself... You could if, you had the skills, write such a game in borland c++ 6

Thousnads of lines of code, but it could be done :)


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aawwwh man thats pretty hard. What class's should I take when i'm in collage if i wana work for the game industry and program games? Well it require alot of complex math? Or is C++ is similar to HTML? Cause i got knowledge of html.
C++ is nothing like HTML. Not in a long way! HTML is a simple script language. C++ is a powerfull (read: complicated) hardware close language. You can't f*ck up things in HTML. You can f*ck up things in C++. Oh yes.

If you want to program games you need to know C++. No other language (except perhaps Assembler) is fast enough to make a good modern game with. And you don't want to make games in Assembler. You also need alot of math (just the 3D is more math than code).

But let that get you down. You can learn it. :)

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No I don't work in the games industry :( - would be cool, best way to do that is to actually write a mod for a half-life quake3 type game, losts of people move over that way!

Steve Polge the AI pro at Epic made Reaper Bot for Quake
Ryan Feltrin at Grey Matter made teh eraserbot for Quake2
anc Count Floyd (name eludes) made the podbot for counter-strike

now they are involved with unreal engine, rtcw and condition zero respectively.

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