C&C Generals System Requirements


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Hey I have a P4 1.6 GhZ, 256 mg rdram, and a 64mg GeForce 2 MX. Will this game run smoothly on my comp? little smooth? Laggy? or what?


hey! :) it'll run fine i guess
i have it.. and it runs not too bad.. i mean it's a little slowish.. but generally fine

athlon 1.3, 256 ddram, 32mb geforce 2mx400(overclocked), so you sohudl be fine...
i mean it's not unlpeasant...

and it still looks really nice.. even on lowest graphics setting
i think the game's pretty good.. although not as fast as RA2 and YR

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Only issue that may arise is the gf2, but the box says a 32 meg graphics card which is more than enough..

I am loving this game!
From the officail westwood tech support site ...

What are the known Video Card Issues with Command & Conquer Generals?

Known Video Card Issues with Command & Conquer Generals

For optimum video performance, we highly recommend that you run Command & Conquer Generals with an AGP video card. PCI video cards are generally much slower than AGP cards, and you may experience abnormally slow performance and poor graphics with a PCI-based graphics card. Additionally, the video cards listed below are below our minimum supported specs.

• Leadtek Winfast GeForce 2 GTS (AGP, 32MB)
• SiS Xabre (AGP, 64MB)
• Gainward Xabre 400 (AGP, 64MB)

Additionally, Some Nvidia GeForce 2 MX owners may experience some stuttering problems during movies.

If you attempt to run Command & Conquer Generals at 1600x1200 with a 32MB Nvidia GeForce 2 video card, the game may crash to the desktop. If this happens, try reducing the game's resolution.

Under all resolutions, you may experience that some objects like trees, walls, and pillars will flicker briefly. If this happens, saving and reloading your game will resolve the issue.

And required system specs OS: Windows XP/me/2000/98 (windows 95/nt not supported); CPU: 800MHz intel Pentiumiii ar AMD athion processor; RAM: 128 MB; CD/DVD-ROM SPEED:8x; HARD DRIVE SPACE: 1.8 gig's free hard disk space plus space for saved games, widows swap file, and direct-X 8.1; video: 32 MB AGP video card using the Nvidia GeForce2. ATI Radeon 7500, or more recent chipset with Direct-X 8.1 compatible driver; SOUND: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card; INPUT: keybord, mouse(duh)!!!