C: = 8mb and no OS

Hi All

Erm i formatted both my drives the other day and was abit hasty in doing so and have noticed a partion has been created on the main drive which is only 8mb and is labled C: this is abit of a B!tch becos most software automatically installs to C: such as the non manual installtion drivers etc however i do know that other software installs to the drive containing the windows folder which is fair enough however if i can Delete this C: partition on the main drive everything will default to D: being the Drive with the OS on. How can i delete this 8mb Partition without Formatting the Drives again as everything has just been put bk on the drives which took hours and i didnt even notice the problem. Pls Help


lol if any1 knows of an easy way to just get rid of this little 8mb C: Partition then let me know, baring in mind i dont wanna Reinstall Xp Anywhere or Format any Drive
I have looked at this before, for my laptop. I think its a re-format if you want to completely get rid of the partition..or something like partition magic if you want to change the sizes of the two partitions.