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Bypassing User Login Screen?!




someone just spilled some soda on my laptop! i finally got it to start back up, but now some of the keys won't work. they're not sticky or anything, they just...wont type. but anyways, when the user login screen comes up, i can't type in my password because one of the keys that is busted is one of the letters in my password!!!! so i'm basically locked out of my laptop. does anyone know if there is any way to bypass the user login screen?? like how you could just hit "cancel" in windows me, 98, 2000, etc.? even if anyone knows how to fix the keys, your help it GREATLY appreciated!!! someone's gotta help me!!!

Only way to bypass the login screen is by setting not to use welcome screen in user accounts, or using tweakui from the XP powertoys. what you will need to do is see if the buttons on your laptop are removable at all. on regular keyboards they remove easily, my friends dell laptop the key's can be removed, but it is a bit of a pain. you might consider taking a cotton swap and cleaning between the keys as much as possible. and also spraying throughly with a can of compressed air...

it's such a pain to clean laptop keys, but thank god you didn't fry the laptop heh

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