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Bypass Autoexec Boot Disk

Is there any way to make a boot disk that simply bypassed the autoexec.bat on the hard drive and then continued to boot Windows? Thanks.


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um, can't remember if I saw an empty autoexec.bat file a while ago. In the boot.ini file, I think there is a line that executes the autoexec.bat file on boot.
I really can't remember much about this file, but I'm pretty sure it's only needed to run certain drivers when booting into windows.
You do know that I'm talking about a bootdisk as in a floppy disk, right? As far as I've ever seen, they don't have boot.ini's. By the way, this is for Windows 98 (not my computer).


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It's very easy ..
In windows 9x right click on your a:\ ( make sure that you have a disk in ) drive go to format and select make (create) a dos start up disk. after doing this open this disk and delete the autoecec.bat there you have it a boot disk without a autoexec.bat this works in all ver of windows above 9x :)

I missunderstood you post the above will make a boot disk to a floppy drive but if you want to boot windows without some of the stuff in your autoexec.bat (win 9x only) try this boot your machine and just aftet it starts booting to windows push the f8 key this will give you a menu with different ways to boot your machine you can bypass parts of your autoexec.bat and still boot to windows. also if you boot to a c:\ prompt you can then edit your autoexec.bat be careful and make a backup of your autoexec.bat before you mod it...

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