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Bye Bye Internet Radio


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Well it looks like its going to happen, after months of pleading and asking listeners to call their congressmen It appears that the bill that is going to destroy internet radio will go into effect as planned. Represent the people huh? Right.... :rolleyes:


It seems there is still something we can do about it, savenetradio.org is advising people to call their representatives and urge them to push the Internet Radio Equality Act. It seems like this is the last chance...
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I don't get it, why is something being passed that curtails independent radio stations? we don't want net radio to turn into stuff provided by a few power corporations like say cable or satellite.


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looks like another reprieve as SoundExchange has stated to Congress that they will not collect on the new rates.

source: RAIN (http://kurthanson.com/archive/news/071307/index.shtml)
According to a commitment made yesterday by SoundExchange executive director John Simson in front of the House Commerce committee, small and noncommercial webcasters may continue streaming next week — i.e., after the CRB's effective date of July 15th — without fear of the threat of legal action against them, and may continue doing so as long as good-faith negotiations between the parties are continuing.

In an interview with RAIN last night, Simson explained, "For the people who want to comply with the law and are in bona fide negotiations with us, we don't want those people to be intimidated. And we don't want them to stop streaming." Simson qualified his statement by noting, "That's just so long as they're continuing to pay under the license they had."

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