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oh, one more thing, wiht the system through put of my sysytem, is the geforce3 being wasted, would it make sence to just use a geoforce2 if i'm using pc133?
No way-the Geforce 3 helps your computer by reducing the amount of work your processor has to do.But the PC133 is slowing you down,you could buy PC150 and overclock the system.(SDRam is getting cheaper by the day)


in quake 3 arena (1.31) i get an average of 90-100 fps, at 1600X1200. in wolfy, i get around 50-60. i have an asus a7v133(haha, i already put that up) and i bought the ram at staples... so it cost alot(like 140 dollars) so i would like to keep it. i now 90fps isn't bad, but, i've seen the new scores of systems that hit 200 and more, i was just wondering, since its a g3ti500 and i have a 1 ghz and 512 ram, if it(the system, not the card) might be held back.
i'm looking at getting a new dedicated gamer box, msi k7n420, athlonxp1800 and 256 2100 ddr, whould that get more then 90fps, just with the onboard g2?
No way would it do better with the g2.The onboard video uses system memory,which slows everything down.THe geforce3ti500 is a HELL of a card and you sould definatly use that.I hate onboard video,and I chose my board 'cause it didn't have it(Soyo K7 Dragon Plus).At least disable the onboard video,all it's there for is so you'll save money by not having to buy a seperate video card.


so, even with ddr ram, and an extra 530 mhz cpu speed, it wouldn't do nearly as well? would it be better for me to take out the geforce3 out of my curent system, put it in the new one, and just get a geforce2 for the old system? or just use a geforce3 in both?
by the way, i'm waiting for something after the g4, its getting kind of korny...
Okay,I've learned a valuable lesson here.I shouldn't give advice at 1 am.
Alright(attempts to clear head).From your last post,everything makes more sense to me(don't worry,it's my fault).What you're doing is buying a new system with geforce 2 onboard video,and were wondering if it would kick the old systems(the one with the geforce 3) ass in Quake.
Answer-maybe by a little,'cause the new system as a whole will be faster.
My advice to you is to look at the cost difference between (a)buying the msi k7n420 board that has onboard video-leaving the geforce 3 in the old system,and (b)buying a board without onboard video,and buying a Geforce 2 card-using the geforce 2 in the old system and the geforce 3 in the new one.I don't know the price difference,but (b) would give you a killer new system,but the old one would suffer.
I hope this helps.


well, the nforce mobos have great features, onboard sound, integrated networking, and geforce2(mx400) level graphics. if i were to get a plain old motherboard, and still keep the lan and sound, it would be about 100dollars, and a geforce3 would be about 250-300... the nforce chipset would drasticly imporve nvidia gpus like the g3(blablag4).


the cost isn't really gona be that bad, as long as the fps are respectalbe at ok res, i can play, my older comp gets 15-25fps(no extras and etails low) and this one gets 90-100. if i need a box thats lite, and has everything on it, i can get by with 40-80fps and by a g3 later, or in the following days... i built the whole system on newegg, and it cost about 630 dollars(nog3) i'm sure if i included it with the g3 it would be around 800

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